Getting in the Zone: Walking in Your Purpose

I have spent much of this past year waiting for healing.  I wanted the woman I left behind somewhere between my nephew coming to live with us and my sister leaving us long before we had the chance to prepare.  I was ready to write a follow-up to why I stopped praying big

…and then I got in the zone.

Sometimes it takes a set of fresh eyes and a new focus to help get you in the zone. Once you are walking in the zone, you are walking in your purpose. #purpose #inspiration #motivation #walkinpurpose

I hit my groove.  I found my rhythm.  I read a blog by a lady named JoDitt Williams about being overwhelmed.  I felt my mindset shift almost immediately.  Essentially, she told me to redirect my focus.  She told me change what overwhelms me.  I printed out her free printable as a reminder, and I have been “in the zone” ever since.

My posture has changed.  I stand a little taller.  I walk a little straighter because I am walking in my purpose.


I needed a little time to recover.  I needed a little time to pray big prayers with small faith.  I needed a little time to digest the lemons.  All the while, though, I kept working unsuccessfully to feed the faith while fighting the fear.  All the while, I ingested devotions, and Christian blogs, and Bible studies.  Next thing you know, I am right in the middle of my zone.

I imagine angels all around me in a circle the way I see football and basketball teams in circles.  I envision their arms resting on the shoulders of one another and them rocking side to side, with me in the center.  They chant over and over “Don’t let me get in my zone.  Don’t let me get in my zone”  (the lyrics to a quite vulgar rap song, but the chorus is widely used to motivate athletes right before they perform).  At first, I lay unresponsive in the middle.  I am unwilling to hear anything they wish to say, but the angels just keep chanting and rocking, “Don’t let her get in her zone.  Don’t let her get in her zone.”


After I read the blog, I listen to Steven Furtick.  And Steven Furtick says that, when we are dealing with something, all we can see is the first circle.

“The first circle says I’m overwhelmed.  The first circle says I’m outnumbered.  The first circle says there is nothing I can do….But the second circle…There [is] a host of angel armies surrounding the first circle, and what [is] outside [is] greater than what [is] on the inside…Whatever is surrounding you, God is already surrounding it.  And so much of our peace is whether we can perceive the second circle.”

Steven watered the seed that JoDitt planted.  In my scenario with the angels, I acknowledge that the angels are trying to motivate me to get up, and I begin to get up – slowly but unsurely.

The devil groans, then God gets up followed by Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I hear Him say, “It was touch and go for a while, but I think she’s going to make it.”

The angels cheer and chant louder and louder, “Don’t let her get in her zone.  Don’t let her get in her zone.”


My sister gives me the final push in the right direction.  In our usual daily conversation, she tells me she does not recognize the girl in my live videos, the videos I promised God I would do after I “made it,” the videos God asked me to do after the release of my Mommy and Me Luxury Disney Getaway.

My sister tells me that I need to find the girl she knows and loves.  I need to find her and I need to show her to people.  God reinforces her sentiments with a whisper, “You made it Brittany!  It is time to shine.  Walk in your purpose.”

I begin to bob my head.  Next thing you know I am hopping around in the center of the circle, leading the chant with the angels at the top of my lungs while they cheer me on, “Don’t let me get in my zone.  Don’t let me get in my zone.”

While I am shouting, the tune changes without my knowledge.  I hear the most beautiful harmony I have every heard in my entire life coming from the circle surrounding me…

“You survived
The worst times
God was always on your side
Stake your claim
Write your name
Walk into this wealthy place.

I hear the Spirit say
That it’s your time.
The wait is over…
Walk into your season.”
(Donald Lawrence)


For anyone searching to be positive in a negative environment

For anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired

For anyone who is trying to piece together holiday spirit while at capacity

For anyone who stopped praying big prayers

For anyone who got lost trying to walk in your purpose…

GET UP!!!!!!

Redirect your focus.  Tell your situation about your God.  Ignore the inner circle that overwhelms and find the outer circle that overcomes.   Your purpose is bigger than your circumstances.  Your purpose is larger than your current state of mind.  You made it, and the devil is angry.  There is an army of angels cheering for you.  Just because you got lost does not mean you are not moving in the right direction.  YOU ARE NOT LOST!!!!!  You are in the middle of a crowd of your largest fan base.  You are in the zone.  You are in your purpose…keep walking.


What are some ways that you get in the zone?  What helps you walk in your purpose?

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You thought you were lost, but you are not lost. Trust that God is leading you as you walk in your purpose. | Inspiration | Motivation | Peace | Stress Free | Stress Relief

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31 thoughts on “Getting in the Zone: Walking in Your Purpose

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  1. Amen! In order to walk in our purpose we have to continue to keep an the eternal perspective, instead of an earthly one. I also believe it is a continual daily discipline which starts with us renewing our mind so we will have the mind of Christ.

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  2. I’m so glad you found your footing and “the zone,” Brittany! I know you’ve had a terrible loss that would knock anyone to the floor. But isn’t it great how other believers can help us to get back up and keep on fighting back darkness?! Thanks for sharing and I’ll be pinning!

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  3. Thanks for sharing your testimony. I believe God does dispatch his angelic host to cheer us in our weak moments. Praise God! And, Seasons is one of my favorite songs. It ministered to me in a time that I couldn’t stand.


  4. Whoa! Goosebumps from word one. I am reading JoDitt’s post next! I had to stop, read, and reread this sentence, “Whatever is surrounding you, God is already surrounding it.” I think I need to print that out and stick it where I can see it. Thank you!

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  5. Sis, I understand this post quite intimately, as the Lord has assigned some heavy responsibilities to me that I wasn’t prepared for.

    It walked in disbelief, discouragement and defeat for a good while, but God, with His infinite patience, upheld me with His right hand, strengthened me and lifted up my head!

    And I’m here to testify that He continues to surround me! Glory to our amazing God!

    Excellent post, Sis! 💕

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