7 Ways to Help Toddler Moms Relax

Moms seldom ask for help and often need it. Here are some ways to help moms even when they do not ask. | #toddlermom | #momlife | #momprobs #selfcare #selflove #momproblems #giftsformom #momgifts

So I am pretty sure the karate chop that my 7-year old son did to my 4-year old daughter’s neck in the checkout line was my final straw.  Although, it could have been the yoga/exercise down the aisles or the hide-and-seek in the clothing racks that did it.  It does not matter much because I WAS DONE!  And by done, I mean really done…like really, really 15 steps past done.  Every bit of patience I had left after the spilled coke and melted ice cream cones had dwindled away, and what saved my children was the fact that I was forced to maintain a calm demeanor in public.

As I stepped foot into my household, it was all I had to hold it together.  I declared a one hour moment of silence for nap time, or silent reading time, or carpet time, or whatever the kids needed to do to give me a moment.  It took me days to recover…DAYS!  I did not make my husband’s last home game.  I did not make the afternoon getaway the next day with a friend for the craft show.  I did not make brunch with my girlfriends.  Leaving the house was out of the question.

When I get like this, my husband and my friends always ask me what they can do to help.  My typical response is “I don’t know”…something…anything really, but I give them no specifics.  On my third day of non-recovered, short nerves, I began to soul-seek for solutions, and I came up with the following list on how to help toddler moms.  For anyone who is looking to extend a hand, looking for a Christmas gift, or a Mother’s Day gift, or a birthday gift…for all of those who look on and see moms struggling and want to know what they can do…here they are.  Here is a list of lifesavers for toddler moms.

1.  Cook

I am forever indebted to my husband.  The man that I married has no problem ensuring that the kids receive 3 square meals a day.  He comes home from work ready and willing to make dinner.  While I recognize this is not the case in all households, I also recognize that taking over breakfast, lunch, or dinner takes off a tremendous load.  At one points, when my best friend saw that my life was overwhelming, she gifted me homeade crock pot pre-frozen meals.  Life.  Saving.  When you see a mom fighting to hold on, feed her and feed her children.

2.  Clean

Certain moms have certain things that they like to be a certain way.  All moms could use a little help getting those things that way.  Somewhere there is laundry that needs to be folded or put away.  There are base boards, doors, counters, cabinets, or fridges that need to be wiped down.  There are tubs that need to be scrubbed; floors that need to be swept or mopped; carpet that needs to be vacuumed.  There are dishes that need to make their way into the dishwasher or into their proper places in cupboards.  You are just the person to aid her in making that happen.

3.  Take her somewhere

Take her on a coffee date, a brunch date, or date night.  Get her away.  Give her a chance to breath.  Let her clear her mind.  She is stressed out, and she is doing her very best to be positive in a negative environment.  She has given it all she has, but she has nothing left.  She has fully accepted that mommin ain’t easy, and right now she could just use a chance to relax.  Offer her that moment.  Make it recurring.  Give her a mini getaway.

Every mom needs the gift of help. Giving her a moment away from the day to day chaos may be just what the doctor ordered #helpmoms #momlife #momprobs #selfcare #stressedout #momproblems #inspiration

4.  Undo whatever is done in her absence.

The last thing a mom needs to come home to is chaos.  I have experienced days when I was sick and rested the entire day, but when I came down stairs after much needed rest, the house was in shambles.  There were toys everywhere, papers everywhere, and dishes everywhere.  There was mess everywhere.   A mom feels like she cannot be sick.  A mom feels like she cannot do mini getaways.  She fears what is waiting for her when she gets back.  If the room is neat when she leaves, she needs it to be neat when she returns.  If the dishes are done when she leaves, she needs them to be done when she returns.  If the counters are clean when she leaves, she need them to be clean when she returns.  If there is no laundry strewn across all of the couches and beds when she leaves, then she hopes there will be no laundry strewn across couches and beds when she returns.  It destroys every bit of calm she worked so hard to achieve.  It creates unnecessary anxiety, makes her feel as though she does not have the time to rest…not because she cannot use it, but because of what is waiting for her when she gets back.

5.  Tell her she is beautiful

She knows that vibrant eyes have been replace with dark circles.  She knows that fine lines have replaced smooth skin, that gray hairs have replaced the dark tresses.  She knows that her waist line is not what it was.  She cannot afford to spend her money on the latest styles, manis and pedis the way she did before.   Sometimes a messy bun, no makeup, and sweats are the best she has to offer.  She needs to know she is still beautiful even when she is not all dolled up.  Tell her as often as you think to say it.  Text it to her.  Email it to her.  Write it out for her.  Make sure she knows she is absolutely stunning.

6.  Tell her that she is enough

She remembers how the Mardi Gras float that she worked on so hard for her son was underwhelming compared to the rest of the paraders.  She remembers that her other son’s Polar Express train car took hours to create and did not make any of the photos on the teacher page.  The nap mat that was supposed to go back on Monday after being washed over the weekend, never left her car, and she accidentally took it to work with her the day it was supposed to go back to school with her daughter.  She does not have enough Pinterest perfect photos.

Sometimes the best way to help toddler moms is to tell them that they are enough. #momlife #toddlermom #motherhood #faith #momprobs #momproblems #inspiration #gifts

She needs to know that she is enough.  She needs to know she is doing fine.  You think she knows it.  You are wrong.  She does not know.  She needs you to tell her over and over.  She needs as much reinforcement as she can get.

7.  Pray for her

One of the greatest memories I have of the power of prayer was a youth minister in college.  At the time, I was not Catholic, but I had a close Catholic friend who attended Catholic Student Organization faithfully.  My boyfriend and I at the time hit a rough patch, to say the least, which led to lots of tears and even more hurt feelings.  I vividly remember that every time I ran into this man, he would tell me he was praying for me.  And he meant it.  I knew he was.  I sensed it.  Every toddler mom needs that.  The greatest gift you can give to help moms is the gift of prayer.  She is raising tiny disciples.  The more people speaking to Jesus on her behalf, the better.

Everyone needs help. We could all use help. No one was meant to do this thing alone. So for all of you looking for a way to be there for the mom just trying to hold all the pieces together, she really just needs you to be there. She could really use a friend – to hear her out, to take her out, to build her up when she breaks. Talk to her. Pray for her. Then remind her that God has already equipped her with more than enough. She is more than enough.


All moms could use some help relaxing. Be that help. #momgifts #helpmoms #motherhood #momlife #mom #inspiration #motivation

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What are some ways that you help moms relax?

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21 thoughts on “7 Ways to Help Toddler Moms Relax

Add yours

  1. I don’t have toddlers but I’ve had moments of coming undone even with my older kids!! I love, love all 7 ways especially the cooking and taking me out. My husband has gotten very good at those.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My husband has always been fantastic about #5. It is VERY much appreciated 🙂 He is great about the others ones as well, but #5 has always been a big one. Especially on those days when I feel like a complete and utter mess. These are some really great tips! God Bless!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Brittany, you hit the nail on the head, so many times — 7 to be exact! I just love how you get moms, you’ve been there, are there right now, and you know what it’s like. I’m a little past this stage with my teen and pre-teen but I want to say that much of this remains true. Moms need a break, they need support and they need to know they’re not alone. I love that you come alongside and do that for them.
    I love you, dear friend.
    Marva | SunSparkleShine

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so sweet of you to say Marva!! I’m not even close to being mentally prepared for teens or pre-teens. But I developed this space to really let mamas know they are not alone. I think I’ve learned more about myself that anything I could ever hope to share with others. Mostly that we were not meant to do this alone. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes. Love you too 🎉🎉🎉


  4. This is a great list! Asking someone what they want or need is just giving them another resonsibility on top of an already overwhelmed mind! The act of just looking around and seeing what could be done and just doing it, it is such a gift!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. My favorites would have been 1,2,4,&7 when I had toddlers. It is definitely a difficult time of life, and all help is appreciated. You’re doing an amazing job! I would never have been able to do all the stuff you do when I had toddlers! Hang in there, girl!


  6. I love this so much. What do you do though when your mom friend won’t accept any of the above? Ive watched for years as an acquaintance of mine struggles with her 4 littles under 5- offered meals, offered to come watch the kids while she gets a break or a rest, MADE a meal she refused to accept, hosted small nights out, invited her to play dates, reminded her she’s not a burden, and of course I pray for her. She’s drowning, but won’t let anyone throw her a life saver…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sigh! That is so tough! You cannot force yourself upon anyone. Sometimes as moms, we feel like we are a burden and do not want people to see us as a pity case. I cannot tell you for sure about your friend, but I am sure that she has her own reasons for not taking the help. At that point, you have to really ask God what you can do for her. He is the only one who will know how you can reach her. I wish I had the answers for that. I will be praying for your friend as well.


  7. This is a great list and so understood!
    I still like to write notes for people sometimes, or ask God how I can encourage them with words and give them a note I feel like He is helping me craft (He knows them better!)
    Also, I know it’s the same as money but I can spend gift cards with such less guilt than cash, so even small gift cards for friends can be fun to stick in the card too. Or offering to watch their kids so they can run errands or grocery shop alone. I try to think of what would be a relief to me and offer it to a friend in need.
    Great and thoughtful ideas!


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