Decluttering Your Life to Make Room for What Matters

I was broken and I learned how to look fixed - Will Smith #decluttering #minimalist #minimalism #capsulewardrobe #project333

“I was broken…and I learned how to look fixed,” Will Smith said.

And it hit home. Here I am in the middle of my busy season. It is football, and teaching, and Halloween, and homework, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and momming. I am drowning … again, and I know how to swim but I cannot see the shore. Then here comes Will Smith reading my entire life in one, small statement.

My nerves are frazzled. Expectations at work are high. Expectations at home are high. My expectations for myself are high, and I try to stop but I cannot stop. If I stop, I will let everyone down. If I stop, I will let myself down.

At about this, time I begin to notice how far I have strayed on my journey to minimalism. I decide to find my way back. I decide to make decluttering my life a priority. I am shouldering too much extra. Some stuff has got to go, and I decide to document my list the way I document my life. Not because I have my life together but because I do not have my life together. I refuse to go on like this forever or even for one more day.

This list is for anyone who is at the end of a short fuse, for anyone searching to declutter your life from all the extra to make room for what really matters.

1. Declutter your physical space.

Take 15 minutes every day, or twice a day, or twice a week to start purging. Start giving things away. Give clothes away. Some call it a capsule wardrobe. Others call it their 33 items. Whatever you call it, let it go. The kids toys have to go. You do not need more toy boxes. You need less toys. Your bookshelves are full. You have no plans to read that book again. You have drawers full of make up and hair products. You have areas full of half finished projects. You have corners you have not seen in years. You have accumulated more thinking more was the answer when all you need is less.

2. Throw it away.

You are waiting to give away some things that just need to be thrown out. You have cribs, swings, maternity clothes, and car seats. You have dining room tables and chairs. You have bags that have been sitting for months…you have baggage that has been hanging around for years. You are holding on to some things that need to make a dramatic exit…some people that need to make a dramatic exit. These things are not worth your time, energy, or space. And neither are these people.

3. Know when to say no.

I always want to do everything and be everywhere for everyone, especially those who have been there for me. I want my kids to have everything they could ever want. I enjoy spending time with friends and family. But I cannot be what everyone needs and neither can you. You are going to have to miss some stuff. You are going to miss some parties, some games, some practices, and even some performances. Forgive yourself in advance, and keep it moving. Sometimes the best answer you can ever give is no.

Sometimes we get out of focus. We see what needs to be fixed. We cover what needs to be fixed instead of focusing on the moments that matter. #busy #fall #winter #christmas #declutter #inspiration #motivation #motherhood

4. Know when to say yes.

Sometimes you want to say no because the laundry needs to be done, the counters need to be wiped and the house is in complete disarray. Sometimes that stuff can wait. Sometimes you need to watch the puppet show the kids are performing. You need to be the teacher while they play school. They do not need a clean house.  They need a mom who is not distracted by her to do list. Sometimes you need to do date night instead of dishes. You need a coffee date or a long phone call about nothing at all. You need mom’s night out, guilt-free, kid free shopping, and mommy time. Sometimes the best answer you can give is yes.

5. Love more.

People do not need you to be fixed. People need you to love them while you are broken, and they are broken. People need you to love them when your mask is off and their masks are off. You are struggling to declutter your life, when all people really need is your love.

If you are anything like me, you are just trying to hold it together. You are holding on to the knot that you tied when you got to the end of your rope. You are one step away from a snapping. Good luck to anyone on the other end of your pent up anger. Ahead of you, all you see is your season of busy. You see Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years. You see tournaments and recitals. You see month after the end of the money.

Decluttering Your Life - Sometimes a clean slate is just what the doctor ordered | Declutter | Minimalist | Minimalism | Mommy and Me

Your life needs a serious declutter. You are so obsessed with covering up that you are broken that you do not realize that you do not need to fix yourself. You only need to fix your focus. It is time for you to make that declutter happen. You need space to see with clarity the moments that matter the most.


What are some ways that you declutter your life in the busy season?

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Decluttering your life to make room for moments that matter | Decluttering your life | Minimalist | Minimalism | Declutter | Self Love | Mental Health | Fall Photo | Fall Photography | Motherhood | Thanksgiving | Busy | Christmas | Holidays

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39 thoughts on “Decluttering Your Life to Make Room for What Matters

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  1. Bless you for sharing these great reminders! Well written as always! 😊
    I’ve started working on decluttering again, too, house, paperwork, emotions, spirit (bye bye negativity of all sorts). I’m still working on all of them. Daily progress, not instant success, is to be a source of rejoicing! High five! Keep up the good work! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Ruth. Daily progress is all that I really have to offer at this point. I am just over here trying to make it. I decluttered my room a bit today, and by decluttered I mean threw a whole bunch of stuff out in an internal rage and frustration. #babysteps

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  2. Oh decluttering 🙂 I am learning to forgive myself when I don’t declutter as much as I wanted. I only have so many hours in the day. The kids and my husband are more important than my to-do list. 🙂 Thank you for the encouraging message. Also, the picture of you and your daughter is absolutely beautiful 🙂 God Bless!

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    1. Mine are too on most days. It’s the balance. It is so hard for me to stare at mess and play with the children at the same time. Not the mess of the toys they are currently playing with, but the clothes they took off that morning or the toys from yesterday, or the shoes that drives me bananas. I try to enjoy the moment while not ignoring that they must have a system at the same time. Sigh. It is a cycle.

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  3. Confirmation. I have been pondering all the stuff in my house. My adult children still have stuff in my house. YUK! My organized drawers and cabinets don’t look that way anymore. And that container of things that need a place is getting larger. I needed this gentle nudge today Sis. Thank you so much.

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  4. Yes to decluttering! If I’m ready to get some serious work done, I have to declutter the space first. Otherwise, I remain in a state of inactivity and confusion. I would love to get to the point of minimalism, but I am a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long way from that.

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      1. When you do get there, please come and help me! There are people who do this for a living. If I had the extra $$$, I’d pay them to do it for me! But I’d be paying serious bucks. Many, many, many years of loving music, books, writing, art, crafts, paper–not to mention teaching–to go through.

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  5. I love this post so much. I lived for many years trying to look unbroken when I was very broken. Even after getting a lot of healing it is easy to slip back into trying to look more put together than we really are isn’t it? I love what you said about loving broken people even while we ourselves are broken. Yes to authenticity! This is the first time I’ve come across your blog (at Moments of Hope) and I love your content. Thank you, Patti

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    1. I’m so happy that you stopped by. Your comment went to spam for some reason so I did not see it until today, and I am so glad I did. Thank you so much Patti! I’m learning to live with my broken and hoping that others accept me as I am while I am accepting them as they are.

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  6. I love that this post is so much deeper than decluttering stuff (which I need to do) but a call to full wholeness and to stop trying to look well when I am broken.

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  7. So very well written! Learning when to say Yes and when to say No is very important. It’s a lesson that I am still learning but I feel that I am doing well with. I love helping others and I feel as though I need to help everyone! I enjoyed this so much. Thank you!
    LaDonna | Faith Family and Miracles

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  8. I have been trying to declutter lately – donating some books, throwing stuff away and resisting the “But I might want that someday” thought. I like the 15 minutes a day idea. If I do a little bit at a time, maybe I won’t get overwhelmed and end up not getting much done. Glad to be visiting here today. 😊


  9. Brilliant blog post! Will Smith is one of my favourite actors, great quote. I always find de-cluttering a liberating experience, but too much can lead to overwhelm. Hope you enjoyed thanksgiving.

    Dave 🙂


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