20 Activities for Summer Fun in the Sun

School is officially out, and summer is loading.  Spring, for me, was more than a little crazy so I did not get to complete all of my spring activities, but I am dedicated to being more present with my family and friends this summer.  Because of this, I developed a list of summer fun activities to ensure I do not miss any moments.  For anyone else searching to enjoy the journey this summer, these summer fun activities are for you.

 1.  Swing.

Bring back the joy of your youth or watch your little ones swing.  Summer is perfect for hammocks, parks or any other creative swing activities you can create.

Swing. Nothing adds fun to your summer activities like swinging for both adults and children. #summer #summerfun #summerfuninthesum #summerfunactivities #summeractivities #kidssummeractivities #kidsactivities #budgetfriendlyactivities

2.  Swim.

Plan pool days, lake days, and ocean days.  Water makes everything better, even if you do not actually get in.

Summer Fun in the Sun Activity 2 - Swim. There are so many fun ways to spend the summer months. #summerfun #summertime #summerfunactivities #summer #motherhood #momlife #summer #kidactivities #budgetfriendlyactivities

3.  Ride a boat.

New Orleans has day cruises.  Louisiana has plenty of hunters and fishermen, and people who live on camps.  If you do not know someone who owns a boat, get to a body of water and rent one.  My daughter and I actually plan to rent swan boats for my Mom Camp this week.  Summer is not summer without sunshine and blue skies.  Boats add a little something extra to your summer fun activities.

4.  Go to the beach.

Summer fun activities are not complete without at least one fun beach trip. #summerfun #summeractivities #summerfunactivities #summer #summertime #kidsactivities #momlife #motherhood #mom #budgetfriendlyactivities
Mommy and Daughter in Destin, Florida

Florida has plenty of beautiful beaches.  If you cannot make your way there, find a beach within driving distance.  For those of us in Louisiana, Galveston (TX), Biloxi (MS), and Gulf Shores (AL) are all alternative options.  Be a beach bum for at least one day.

5.  Eat watermelon.

Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits, perhaps because it is not in season nor readily available year round.  The taste combined with its nutrition value make it a nonnegotiable for this summer activities list.  Kids love them.  Adults love them.  Watermelons are a win all around.

6.  Attend a festival.

I put this activity on my list for the spring and fall too.  I LOVE a good festival.  Thankfully, in the South, we get plenty of warm weather so festivals abound around here.  Summer fun includes sitting outside on a blanket, maybe listening to live music, browsing some small business pop up shops, and, my personal favorite, DELICIOUS FOOD that is normally regional.  Memphis will not have the same foods as San Francisco which will not have the same foods as Detroit.

7.  Be a tourist (IN YOUR CITY)

There are places that people come to your city just to see or places that you recommend to others when they come in town.  Enjoy those places with the people in your house or close friends.  Brunch spots, downtown places to see, and farmer’s markets all hold their own special value.  Pick one, mark your calendar, make a reservation with yourself, your family, or whoever, and just GO!

Being a tourist in your own city adds a new dimension of fun to summer activities. #summerfun #summeractivities #kidfriendlyactivities #activitiesforchildren #summeractivitiesforkids
My two kiddos as the Botanical Gardens in New Orleans, LA

8.  Float

So Instagram has opened a whole new world in the land of floaties.  Unicorns, dolphins, swans, peacocks, you name it.  Relax on the water with your favorite beverage of choice and soak in all the summer you can.

20 Activities for Summer Fun in the Sun | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #summer #summertime #summerfuninthesun #summerfunactivities #summeractivities #kidsactivities #kidactivities #summerreading #motherhood #momlife #budgetactivities #budgetfriendly

9.  Watch fireworks.

There are two times a year that fireworks are guaranteed – New Year’s Eve/Day and 4th of July.  Someone is going to put on a show.  Be there to watch it!

10.  Red, white and blue.

Show your love for your country with a little red, white, and blue.  4th of July gives you a chance to decorate your house, yourself, or anything you can think of with stars and stripes.  (I personally purchased a few red, white, and blue wine cups from Target for $1 in preparation for my summer fun activities).

Red, white and blue combined with fireworks make for awesome summer fun activities. #summerfun #summer #summerfunactivities #summertime #kidactivities #kidsactivities #funinthesun #summerfuninthesun #motherhood #mom #momlife #mommyhood

11.  Frozen coffee

I am a frozen coffee fan.  Frozen anything for summer will work though.  Children love popsicles.  Snow balls (or snow cones depending on where you live) are always a good idea.  ICEEs are good.  Slushies are good.  Frosties are good.  You pick it, and you enjoy it!

Frozen treats are a great for summer fun activities #summerfun #summerfunactivities #frozentreat #icecream #italianice #kidactivities #summertime #summer #kidactivities #kidsactivities #activitiesforchildren #childrenactivities #activitiesforkids #motherhood #momlife #mom

12.   Read a book

This has been on my bucket list forever, and I am determined to do it this summer.  I will read a book from cover to cover.  Little by little, day by day, lose yourself in a good read.  Find something that suits your taste.  Maybe you like romance.  Maybe you like science fiction, or, if you are anything like me, you like inspirational books.

Reading is must to add to your list of summer fun activities. #summeractivities #kidactivities #christianmom #budgetfriendlyactivities #summerreading

13.  Attend a sporting event.

The weather is perfect for baseball, track and field or swimming outside.  If you prefer inside, almost all sports (even those not currently in their regular season) have a summer or traveling league.  If you are not watching a little one or a professional play, join a league of your own.

Attend a sporting event as an item on your activities for summer fun. #summerfun #summeractivities #summerfunactivities #kidactivities #summersports #summertime #summer #kidactivities #activitiesforkids #motherhood #mom #budgetfriendlyactivities

14. Go to the library.

The library is free, and it has so many activities for both kids and adults during the summer.  The zoomobile stops to visit.  The Bugmobile stops to visit.  There is reading time for the smaller children.  We were even offered free weekly piano lessons the last time we visited.  As an added bonus, my daughter likes the play area in the back so she is entertained for as long as I allow her to stay each time I go.

Add going to the library to your list of summer fun activities. #summeractivities #kidactivities #activitiesforchildren #budgetfriendlyactivities

15.  Vacay

Get away for a while.  This is your chance to go somewhere you have never been before, or maybe even somewhere you have been before.  If a plane ticket is not in the budget, drive there.  If a hotel is not in the budget, visit an out of town friend or family member.  Everyone could use a little change of scenery at least once a year, and the summer offers the perfect opportunity to do just that.

16.  Zoo Day

Go to the zoo.  Thankfully, a friend of mine sent me a list of days that New Orleans residents can visit the local zoo for free.  Check your area to see if perhaps they offer the same thing in your community.  Lions, tigers, and bears never get old.  You do not have to stay all day.  If the idea of the zoo bores you, go with a child.  It is always refreshing to see the zoo through a fresh set of eyes.  (NOTE: During the summer, the animals are more active in the early mornings or evenings when it is not as hot outside.)

17.  Declutter.

Your house has a closet, a drawer, a corner, or a room that needs attention.  Give it the attention it needs.  Take the giveaway pile to the donation bin.  Work 15 minutes a day.  Attack the clutter little by little.  While this is not the biggest hit for summer fun activities, the results after a few days do wonders for the body and spirit.

18.  Go to the park

Free is always a good idea.  The park never gets old.  When you grow tired of one park, find another one.  Kids love parks with play areas.  Adults love parks with shade and beautiful views.  Either way, a day at the park is a great way for you to get out of the house for a moment and enjoy the summer sun.

My daughter playing at City Park in New Orleans, LA. #summeractivities #summeractivitiesforchildren #budgetfriendlyactivities #summeractivitiesforkids

19.  Drink lemonade

I’ve been participating in my Instagram friend @kristie_felice‘s June To-Do.  One of items on her to-do list is pink lemonade so I added it here for my own summer fun activities.  Fresh lemons have amazing health benefits.  While, my plan was more along the pre-made lemonade route in a cute pitcher for picture purposes, you get the general idea.

20.  Dance

With our full summer agendas, sometimes it is a good idea to just let loose and dance.  No one ever had a terrible day dancing the time away.  There is something about losing yourself in music and movement that gives your spirit freedom.


I attached a Summer Fun in the Sun printable for you to use to make your own memories this summer.

20 Activities for Summer Fun in the Sun Free Printable | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #summeractivities #summeractivitiesforchildren #christianparenting #budgetfriendlyactivities
Click here for your 20 Activities for Summer Fun in the Sun Free Printable


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20 Activities for Summer Fun in the Sun (with Free Printable) #freeprintablesummerbucketlist #summeractivities #familyactivities #budgetfriendlyactivities #summerfunideas

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  1. I am a stay at home mom and always looking for fun activities to do especially since it’s summer now. I love the idea of having slushees, I too love iced coffee so I make my kids slushees and they love it. We live in Florida so the beach and pools are always a free option. This post is motivation to get out more with kids. Thanks

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