30 Cheap At-Home Summer Activities

30 Cheap At Home Summer Activities | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #summeractivitiesforkids #cheapactivitiesforkids #freeactivitiesforkids

Summer is in full swing! Some of you have already had the kids at home for MONTHS. You wonder how you will make the heart of summer different, without wearing yourself thin. You are out of ideas, out of money, and out of patience.

After researching some amazing bloggers and Instagrammers, here is a list of 30 at-home cheap (mostly free) activities for you and your children:

1. Journaling

Summer Activity - Journaling #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #summeractivitiesforkids #cheapactivitiesforkids #freeactivitiesforkids

2. Playing Hopscotch

3. Backyard Camp Out

4. Having a Picnic

Summer Activity - Picnic #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #summeractivitiesforkids #cheapactivitiesforkids #freeactivitiesforkids #summerfun
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5. Sno-balls/Snow Cones

6. Stargazing

7. Reading a book

Summer Activity - Read a Book #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #summerfun #kidsactivities #freeactivitiesforkids #cheapactivitiesforkids

8. Red, white, and blue

9. Searching for shapes in the clouds

10. Scavenger Hunts

Summer Activity - Scavenger Hunt #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #summerfun #kidsactvities #freeactivitiesforkids #cheapactivitiesforkids
Check out a great list of scavenger hunts here

11. Water Balloons

12. Sprinklers

13. Bubbles

Summer Activity - Bubbles #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #summerfun #kidsactivities #freeactivitiesforkids #cheapactivitiesforkids

14. Eating Watermelon

15. Hide and Seek

16. Bike riding

Summer Activity - Bike Riding #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #summerfun #kidsactivities #cheapkidsactivities #freekidsactivities

17. Ice cream

18. Pillow fighting

19. Tie dye

Summer Activity - tie dye #summeractivities #summerfun #summerbucketlist #cheap

20. Paper Airplane Competition

21. Dance Party

22. Making a fort

Summer Activity - Make a Fort #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #summerfun #kidsactivities #freeactivitiesforkids #cheapactivitiesforkids

23. Snowball fighting with paper balls

24. Spa day

25. Backyard water playing

Summer Activity - Backyard Water Play #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #summerfun #kidsactivities #freeactivitiesforkids #cheapactivitiesforkids

26. Smores

27. Photo shoot

Summer Activity - Photo Shoot  #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #summerfun #kidsactivities #freeactivitiesforkids #cheapactivitiesforkids

28. Movie night

29. Indoor Obstacle Course

30. Board games

***Bonus Activities***

While you cannot always get away from the house, taking the kids for a field trip is great if at all possible. If you can, see if you can incorporate a few of these summer activities.

Pool day

Summer Activity - Pool Day #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #kidsactvities #freeactivitiesforkids #cheapactivitiesforkids

Climbing a tree

Going to the Park

(a playground is not currently recommended with COVID restrictions but hanging out in greenery does a body good)


For those who want to track their summer fun, you can print this free printable Summer Activities BINGO here and cross off the activities as you complete them.

Summer Activities BINGO | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #kidsactvities #freeactivitiesforkids #cheapactivitiesforkids

I will be on Instagram with my journey so tag me any time you cross one off. I have a special treat for anyone who blacks out the board.


What at-home summer activities do you have planned?

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30 Cheap At-Home Summer Activities | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #kidsactivities #freeactivitiesforkids #cheapactivitiesforkids

42 thoughts on “30 Cheap At-Home Summer Activities

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  1. These are some great ideas! I heard Walmart is going to have a FREE movie night in some of there parking lots. Maybe you live near one!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Amazing post. Thanks for sharing these ideas, most of them sound very fun. Hoping to try some of them out. I liked how you also provided the Summer Activities Bingo, it makes it easy to plan and execute.


  2. What an awesome post, filled with fun summer activities! Thank you for taking time to put this encouragement together! ❤


  3. As a mom with 3 bored boys, thank you for this list of summer activities! I really like the scavenger hunt idea, and I think my kids would too! Next time they say they have nothing to do I’m gonna look back at this post!


  4. Great ideas! Many of these bring me back to my own childhood and I admit my kids don’t do enough of these types of activities. Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. I love all your ideas of 30 cheap at-home summer activities. It sure makes me miss my baby girl who is 23 YO now. I can definitely do many of these with my husband. We are “empty-nesters” which is a challenge of its own. Thank you for these wonderful ideas. Also, it makes me think of my own childhood with all seven of my siblings 🙂 We had many fun days inside and outside.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great ideas, I love the scavenger hunt and picnic but I’ll be trying out more of what’s on your list.


  7. I’m an older woman with an adult son, but I loved looking at this list of activities. I got a little nostalgic about some, such as building a tent fort in the house! That was one of my favorite go-to activities with my son. Maybe one day I’ll have grandchildren and we can continue the tradition!


  8. You are such a cool mom!! I love this list. My son just ask about doing a scavenger hunt/treasure hunt. So we will definitely be doing that soon! I also love the obstacle course. So cute!!

    Liked by 2 people

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