Journey to Self-Love: Give Yourself Grace

I did not even know I was angry.  The subject of forgiveness came up over and over again, and I ran through the lists of people who had offended me throughout my life.  The easiest recalls were old boyfriends, their new girlfriends/wives whose relationship(s) coincided with ours, backstabbing roommates, and cheating coaches.  Yet, as I brought up individual names in my mind, each name was easily dismissed.  I was not angry at them anymore.  I was over it now, and I had been over it for quite some time.

Yet, forgiveness kept coming up until finally I realized I was angry at myself.  I was angry that I had not yet figured out how to budget the money properly and angry I did not yet make enough to enjoy the life I wanted to live.  I was mad I had let myself gain 15 pounds and now had a miniature gut for my tall, slim frame.  I was upset that balance was still nowhere in sight.  It was the kids, the blog, my husband, or social media.  I still could not manage equals parts to all, and most times I made the wrong choice as a priority.  I was angry I was still making the wrong choices.

I took out my anger on the ones I loved not because they had done anything but because I was mad at myself.  Then I got upset for taking it out on them, and inside I harbored bitterness.

Life had dealt one too many blows, and I had not recovered.  I was mad at myself for not recovering because life is life.  It goes on, and there was no time for me to be upset about it.  Then here came this young lady who spoke to my soul.

I talked a big talk but self-love was not a part of my journey.  I preached on finding yourself, loving yourself, and then being yourself, but I did not live it.

Of course, I proceeded to be mad at myself for not loving myself, and it was there I recognized that I had to forgive myself.  If I had learned nothing else on my path to purpose, the statement that stuck with me the most was “Give yourself grace.”


As I embark on this new journey to self-love, I challenge you to do the same – give yourself grace…please join me this week with Cameron over at as she also gives us a much needed word on how to treat yourself and what self-love really looks like…

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What are some things you discovered on your journey to self-love?

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33 thoughts on “Journey to Self-Love: Give Yourself Grace

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  1. Self-care and self-love is so important, especially as moms. But I’m learning it’s not necessarily achieved by quick fixes like a night time soak in the bath, or a few hours in a thrift store by myself :). Instead, self-care and self-love for me looks like a string of choices (some difficult): going to bed earlier, cutting back on the amount of sugar I put in my coffee (ahem), training my eyes to see blessings instead of misfortunes, choosing to save instead of impulse buy…. Not a very sexy list, I’m afraid, but key to taking care of myself and loving myself!

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  2. Great insight! I’ve learned that true self-care is not self-ish of self-centered. It’s just a healthy investment in ourselves where we need it the most. To bring the balance in life you mentioned. And to care for our soul.

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  3. Great post! I get frustrated with myself all the time. Sometimes I just shut down then hate myself for shutting down. I’ve been learning a lot about self grace 💕. Blessings and best wishes on your personal journey 👐

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  4. Does anyone really have life figured out on this side? Sometimes I think we’d have to wait until we get to Heaven. Thanks for sharing, Brittany. Blessings to you!

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  5. “Give yourself grace.” Yes! How important that is! It has taken such a long time for me to understand that as a repentant perfectionist. Thankful for more lessons to learn from you here today. Great post!

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  6. I’m such a doer and fixer. For others and sometimes I neglect to love myself. A week ago I took a day to just be in God’s presence. It was sweet. I came to Ephesians 2:7. It talks about God’s kindness to us. I immediately wanted to share it, call a friend, blog about it, then it’s like God said inaudibly, “Just sit here and allow Me to love you. This word is for you. Stay a while. Let Me breathe life back into you.” So I did. And the next day I felt refreshed. Your blog hits home for me, Brittany!

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  7. Self Love And Self Care Is Something That I’ve Struggled With Throughout The Years. I’m Always Putting Everyone Around Before Myself, Basically Neglecting Me. While I Do Love Helping And Caring For Others, Made A Promise To Myself This Year To Focus And Build Me. Lovely Post.

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