Trusting the Process – Fake it Til You Make It

I remember thinking that the pastor’s best friend was going to see right through me.  He was going to call me out.  I did not want to meet him because he would be able to sense that I was overrated, that I was not the right person for the job.  As I shook his hand, I knew that he knew it.  My cover was blown.  I was just a regular girl.  I did not deserve to lead the children or anyone else.

I recall waiting to meet with the pastor, waiting for him to renounce my children’s minister position.  I anticipated his side eye and look of condescension.  It never came so I kept going.  I kept praying.  I kept asking God for miracles.  I kept stepping out before all of the pieces were in place because God asked.  I kept creating programs for the children – motivating my team of angels sent to help get the job done.

I kept stepping out on the water (Matthew 14:22-33), and I tried not to show that I was scared to death of drowning because I was completely unworthy to be used.  They had somehow picked the wrong person for the job, and any day now they would realize it.  Yet, until they did, my plan was to follow God and lead those children “hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11).  Their lives depended on it…just like my life depended on it.  They needed to know, and I would continue to fake my worthiness until they kicked me out…because God asked me to say yes before I was ready.  God asked me to say yes before I was fixed.

Trusting the process was the only way I could survive, and trusting the process meant that I had to keep my eyes on God as I stepped out on the water.


But what happens when your whole world comes crashing around you?  When you did not say yes?  When life happens before you are ready?  How do you trust an assignment when you did not even sign up to take the class?  You do not want to be here.  You did not choose to be here, but here you are without your permission.  And now you are still supposed to trust the process.  I offer you these three simple solutions – not because I have mastered them, but because I am banking on “hope and a future.”

…because I have watched as God has led me across water.  The meeting with the pastor never came.  The side eye never came.  The condescension never came.  I have watched as God used my team of angels and me to do the impossible for the children.  If He did it then, He can AND WILL do it again for me and for you.

…even in the midst of assignments for classes you never intended to take.

Learning to trust is not as easy as saying you trust the process. Learning to trust takes time, energy, and constant communion with God. #trusttheprocess #liveyourpurpose #christianparenting #inspiration #motivation #overwhelmed

So again, how do you trust the process when trusting the process is much easier said than done?

Hang on to these three facts:

1.  You were created for this.

God knew this situation was going to come up, and He created you with this situation in mind.  He knew my sister would die, and He created my husband and me to take care of her only son.  None of it happened accidentally.  He knew I would be overwhelmed already.  He knew I would be broken already, and he gave me the assignment anyway.  He created me for this assignment.  And He did the same for you.  He knows that what you are going through right now is more than you can handle.  It is not just one thing.  It is everything.  It is the job, the kids, your spouse, and your calling.  It is your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your tragic story that has left a hole in you that it too big for you to manage.  Now He has the nerve to ask you to keep walking – to keep trusting the plan.

He asks because He knew this would happen, and that is precisely why you are here.  You are the only one who can do this.  You are the only one handcrafted for this.  Whether or not you believe it right now, just fake it.  Live as though your life depends on it.

2.  He will NOT let you drown.

You are all the way out on the water, and you have lost focus.  You faked it for as long as you could, but you cannot see Him anymore amidst the raging storm.  You are sinking, and you are sinking fast.  He will rescue you.  Not only does He walk on water, but He also talks to water so He can walk with you in the storm or He can stop the storm (Mark 4:39).  Either way, He is there for all of it.  The storm cannot kill you.  The storm answers to Him.  The raging waters answer to Him.  Sit in His arms of safety.  Take a nap.  Let Him handle the storm.

3.  Answer the call

This one is the hardest for me because I have watched people die in the storm, people I loved, people who were way too young to die, people who for all intents and purposes did not deserve it.  And I was angry.  And I am still angry.  I was over the process.  I was DONE trusting the process.  But He kept calling me.  He kept telling me to get up.  He kept rocking me and telling me that everything was going to be fine.  He kept whispering His promises over and over in my ear.  Every day, He asked if I was ready to keep going.  Every day He asked me how I was feeling.

One day I told him the truth.  I yelled.  I cried.  I shouted.  I kicked and punched Him.  And He took all of it.  He did not belittle me.  He did not roll His eyes.  He did not tell me I was being ridiculous.  He just sat, and He listened. He let me get it all out…before He presented two scenarios.

He said, “Brittany, there are only two possibilities here – just two.  Your sister may have died because she was never going to change.  She never would have come to me.  I never could have saved her because she shut me out and would continued to shut me out forever, and I needed to save that little boy so I allowed her to die.  OR, your sister may have died because she finally accepted me.  She finally let me in, and had she continued to live, she would have changed her mind.  In that case, I still needed to save that little boy so I allowed her to die.  Either way, the only piece of the picture that concerns you today is that little boy.  I sent that little boy to you the same way I sent those children to you 5 years ago.  You are that little boy’s only chance at “hope and future.”

Trusting the Process - Fake it Til You Make it | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #trusttheprocess #trustingtheprocess #overcomingobstacles #inspiration #motivation #parenting #christianmom

I just need you to keep answering the call.  You only have one job.  Answer the call.  Follow my direction.  My job is everything else.”


He needs the same from each of you.  He needs you just to answer the call.  He knows your gifts at times are too much.  He knows you are scared to death of drowning, but you can control neither your gifts nor your fears.  You can only control your choices.  You can only control your obedience to the call.  You can only control your answer.

If you are anything like me, then sometimes you take small steps out of obligation and not faith.  Your faith is fake.  Your strength is fake.  You are out of faith, and out of strength.  You are broken and as you continue to walk in obedience, it is simply because you are hanging on to hope.  You are taking a chance.  You are not sure you trust the process, but this process is all you have left.  I am here to tell you that your obedience even when you are faking it will allow you to make it.  Your obedience will lead you to “hope and a future.”


What are something that you do to help you trust the process?

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39 thoughts on “Trusting the Process – Fake it Til You Make It

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  1. Powerful message! Reminds me of a book the Lord used to speak to me, “You were born for this” by Bruce Wilkinson. God spoke through this at a time where what He was saying and showing didn’t align with my current reality. And seriously, a lot still doesn’t, I have just accepted the fact that I’ve been ordained and anointed for this. God knows it, He did it, and now He’s leading me through it to it!!!

    Blessings in abundance for sharing God’s words and may your territory be enlarged and your fruit forever remain…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW Brittney!! Wow! I am so blessed today to read this and seriously feel through this screen all that God is doing! You are answering your call sister and it looks absolutely radiant on you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Now He has the nerve to ask you to keep walking…” I seriously laughed out loud at this part! This sums up my feelings many times in a way that I hadn’t thought of before now. I really appreciate that! God Bless!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Answering the call is difficult but always necessary. When you answer you allow yourself to be transformed by the Father through the process and become more like Him. During the process you are also helping people to see Him, through your obedience to the call. So what I do, is I thank Him for the assignment and ask for supernatural strength for the journey ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is sooo good, Brittany! I love your tips for “faking it ’til you make it” and also appreciate you opening up about your sister. Your first tip reminds me of a bracelet I own with a verse from Esther 4:14– “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.” ♥

    Liked by 2 people

  6. “Answer the call , answer the call…. “Everything you said was so inspiring and I dislike answering the call at times, but I do it anyways because I understand my purpose. Whatever lions den situation I’m in it will be WIN WIN. Trust the process. I really love this one.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. “The storm answers to Him.” Yesss! I love this! “The raging waters answer to Him.” Amen! And this: “You only have one job. Answer the call. Follow my direction. My job is everything else.” So true! How many times have we tried to do His job when we are already having trouble doing our own job? Praise God for His love and patience with us!
    Btw, I love your writing, girl! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂😂 Yes Ruth!! I can’t even get my job right. I currently have my day time blocked, and I keep getting distracted…like, let me do this real quick (and it’s never real quick). I can feel God rolling His eyes thinking “Focus Brittany!!! You have one job! That’s why I time blocked your day. Checking Facebook and IG is never real quick.”

      Thank you by the way! You are always the sweetest 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Loved every word. You spoke directly to my heart. Most times, I’m going through the motions because I don’t know what else to do and I know I can’t give up. God is in every bit of it with me.

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  9. It is so difficult sometimes to trust the process when you are going through something. But I like to say “Faith it” as opposed to “fake it” – because when you put your faith in Him through it, you can really get closer to Him.


  10. Sweet Sister, God sees more in us than we will ever see in ourselves. God only asks that we be obedient, take the first step of faith, while trusting the process throughout completion. You look radiant and you can see the light and love of God in You


  11. Trust and obey is still the only way to be happy in Jesus. If we had the whole picture first, we’d probably feel too overwhelmed to even answer the call. Thanks for sharing, Brittany. Blessings to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Wow! I loved His explanation to you about processing the passing of your sister. I am going to remember that insight and encouragement. Thank you for sharing something so personal and challenging. You sharing your struggle ministers to the rest of us in profound ways. I am inspired indeed to apply these lessons!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I am a fake-it-till-I-make-it girl. I have been stepping out on the water because my boat is in a whole different ocean now. I have felt so unqualified for what He has me doing now. Thank you for reminding me that He created me just for this. He knew this is where I would be. Thank you for the encouragement.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your confirmation. This is a daily process for me. Sometimes I am good, and other times I am just one foot in front of the other on the water trying not to drown. So glad God can use me, you, and anyone who is willing.


  14. I’ve actually been trying to run away from something for so long, but seeing as God is lining some things together, I know that I almost can’t run away from my calling. I was opportuned to be a part of a team that organizer a talk for some teen girls in church, and this was one of the topics. I taught them to “Faith it till they believed it.” Awesome post


  15. I want to reach through this screen and hug you for speaking this truth! As I read this, I kept thinking, without faith it is impossible to please God. Sometimes we just have to put one foot in front of the other and trust that He will take us to the other side. So good! ❤️


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