20 Budget-Friendly Spring Activities (with Free Printable)

Spring is here!!  Skies are blue, and the sun is shining.  I have ZERO intention of locking myself inside with the children for the next two months, nor do I plan to stare out the window and marvel at the beauty of spring from the comfort of my couch or classroom.  As such, I developed a list of 20 spring activities I plan to enjoy this year.

20 Budget Friendly Spring Activities #springactivities #budgetfriendlyactivities #workingmom #mom #momlife #budget #minimalist #minimalism

Click Here to download your FREE 20 Budget Friendly Spring Activities printable

1 – Blow Bubbles ($2)

Bubbles make everything better.  Kids get excited about bubbles.  Adults get excited about bubbles.  You can blow bubbles.  You can let the machine blow bubbles.  You can take the cutest picture with bubbles, and the best part is – bubbles are CHEAP!!  Bubbles are a definite win for the spring season.

2 – Take a Family Photo in “Sunday” best (FREE)

Kids tend to be in more than their fair share of photos, but how many photos do you have with the kids, mom, AND dad in them?  Time slips away from us so fast.  What better way to commemorate picture perfect weather than with a not-so-picture perfect photo?  (I am not naive enough to believe that children cooperate for photo sessions.)  With iPhones, Androids, Pinterest, and Instagram, a professional photographer is not necessary.  Find a pose you like, and recreate it; or, even better, create your own family pose.

3 – Throw a Tea Party (FREE)

Throwing a tea party is an excellent item to add to your spring activities list. #springactivities #springactivity #motherhood #momlife #minimalist #budgetfriendly #budgetfriendlyactivities #mom #workingmom

Last year, my daughter got a Minnie Mouse tea set for her birthday, and she decided to throw a tea party with her cousin.  Her brothers wanted to join the fun, and they did not hesitate for a moment when I told them they must dress up to take part in the party.  Who does not enjoy cookies and juice?  (Or a healthier snack alternative of your choice, of course.)

4 – Attend a festival

Festivals = Good Food. Do not let the price of food distract you from attending the festival. Eat beforehand. Plan beforehand. Budget beforehand. Make sure you do not miss out in fear of spending too much! #springactivities #budgetfriendlyactivities #minimalist #minimalism #spring #springfun

In the South, we love a festival.  In New Orleans, we have Jazz Festival, Essence Festival, French Quarter Festival, Food Truck Festival, and so many more.  Attend as many of the FREE events as possible.  I put an asterisk next to the FREE because many of these festivals have amazing food, photo opportunities, and activities that cost extra once you get in.  Have a price that you are willing to spend in mind when you walk in the gates.  From that point on, ENJOY!

5 – Read Outside (FREE)

Vitamin D is your friend.  Pull up a chair and pull out that book, that devotion, that blog, or that magazine you have been wanting to read.  The sun is calling your name, and you must answer.  Education + vitamins = just what the doctor ordered.

6 – Play at a Park (FREE)

Let your inner child roam free.  Slide.  Swing.  Climb. Play. Live.

Playing at a park should definitely be on your spring activities list. #springactivities #budgetfriendlyactivities #budget #springfun #kidactivities #childrenactivities #motherhood #momlife

7 – Enjoy a sunset (FREE)

How often do you really take time out to watch the sun go down?  The view is phenomenal.  So often, we consume all the white space in our schedules. We could definitely stand to take a moment to see the natural beauty that surrounds us – an event that happens daily.   

8 – Pick Wildflowers  (FREE)

How sweet is it when your child comes to you with a bouquet they hand picked?  Today, I passed by a field of wild sunflowers, and I wanted to stop, take a photo, and pick a few to come home.  Those sunflowers have officially made my spring activities bucket list.  You should put wildflowers on your bucket list as well.  Make yourself a bouquet, or even better, make a bouquet for someone else.

9 – Go on a Nature Hunt (FREE)

I LOVE a scavenger hunt.  Nature hunts give you an excuse to get outside and find some of the things you often walk straight past.  If you need some inspiration for what you should see while you are out, I created one here. You can click the link below it to download one for yourself:

A spring scavenger hunt allows you to enjoy the beauty of spring that surrounds you. #kidsactivities #kidfriendly #springactivities #spring #budgetfriendly #budgetfriendlyactivities
Click here for FREE Spring Activities Scavenger Hunt

10 – Eat Ice Cream (under $5)

I cannot think of the last time I enjoyed ice cream with my family.  I like ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, or snow cones/snow balls.  Ice cold treats add that little something extra to your spring activities bucket list.

11  – Draw with sidewalk chalk ($1)

The Dollar Tree has all the colors you could possibly want in a box for $1.  See what you can create.  Draw a car, a village, or angel wings.  You do not have to be artistic.  You can write your name or write your favorite quote.  Just have fun!

12 – Feed Ducks ($1)

Go to a pond, and take a loaf of bread (new or leftover).  My daughter fed the ducks at City Park in New Orleans, and it was so peaceful to experience.  She got such a kick out of the it and so did I.  (I am sure the ducks enjoyed the experience as well.)

Fed the ducks. You will love it. Your kids will love it, and the ducks will love it. #budgetfriendlyactivities #kidactivities #springactivities #budget #familyactivities #mom #motherhood

13 – Watch the sunrise (FREE)

You can apply all of the same rationale for watching the sunset here.

14 – Have a picnic (Under $5)

Lay your blanket in the grass.  Fill a picnic basket (a lunch box, regular basket or any container will also do) with some of your favorite goodies.  Then indulge in family time, date night, or even a bit of alone time.

15 – Play hopscotch (FREE)

You should already have sidewalk chalk from the drawings or sayings you created earlier.  Now draw your 10 squares and start playing.  As a kid, I remember walking through the neighborhood, and I could not walk past a block without a hopscotch on the sidewalk somewhere.  Now, I am not sure that my kids have even heard of hop scotch.  Bring it back this spring – for your kids health and for your own health.

16 – Paint rocks (under $10)

This one is new for me.  For this reason, I have done some research so that you can have some success when entering into this venture:

11 Tips to Make Rock Painting Success

How to Paint Rocks: Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

24 Painted Rocks that Look Good Enough to Eat

17 – Make lemonade ($2)

A few years back, I bought a lemonade jar.  This year, I am going to use it to make lemonade at least once.  While, I cannot promise fresh squeezed lemonade, (pre-packaged products are my friends) I do plan to enjoy the time with my kids.  You may even decide take it one step further, create a lemonade stand, and sell (or giveaway) cups of lemonade to your neighbors.

18 – Make floral decor ($5 – $25)

I do NOT have a green thumb, but I do love flowers around my house.  Personally, my flowers come from the plastic seasonal flower section in Walmart or at the dollar tree, but I do make sure to change out my centerpieces regularly.  You may consider fresh flowers or adding floral accessories to your wardrobe or hair.

Floral Decor adds just the touch your home needs this spring. #springactivities #floraldecor #budgetfriendlyactivities #budgetfriendly #budget #kidsactivities #childrenactivities

19 – Star Gaze (FREE)

Find a space where you can get a clear view of the night sky, and take time to soak it all in.  Fresh air combined with bright lights across a black backdrop can definitely spruce up your spring.

20 – Visit Downtown (Varies)

Downtown always highlights the culture of your city.  Be a tourist for the day.  Explore all of the history your city has to offer.

One spring activity you can do on a budget is to visit downtown in your city. Downtown displays so much of your city's culture and history.
My daughter and I enjoyed beignets in the French Quarter located in downtown New Orleans.

So there you have it, 20 budget friendly activities for you and your family to enjoy this spring.

Grab your free Budget Friendly Spring Activities Printable
Click here for your FREE 20 Budget Friendly Spring Activities Printable

I plan to document mine on Instagram and Facebook.  If you would like to join me, please tag me in your photos @ordinarilyextraordinarymom.  Living my version of a minimalist life has focused me more on making memories and experiences.


What are some budget friendly activities that you can suggest for my family?

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49 thoughts on “20 Budget-Friendly Spring Activities (with Free Printable)

Add yours

  1. I’ve lived just outside Springfield, MO for almost 7 years now and had never walked through downtown, just driven through. The other day my mom and I had time to kill and just walked around. We stumbled on a beautiful city park that plays classical music through speakers attached to light poles and an amazing pastry school with the best coffee and pastries! It was such a nice afternoon. I recommend doing it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is sooooo cute. I love the nature hunt idea. We are definitely gonna do this. Painting rocks is a new one for me too. My son loves to find rocks, so i guess we can try that one too. Lol i can stop fussing at hin for picking up rocks lol. Some other activities we do are kite flying, frisbee toss and we love to roll down the hills on the lake lol.


    1. My kids would LOVE to roll down hills on the lake! I may have to add that one. I used to love flying kites to but we don’t have any, and I don’t have the budget to invest at the moment😂…maybe I can save that one for summer.


  3. These are great! Simple and budget friendly spring activities 🏞️

    I’m picturing an ice cream picnic tomorrow afternoon 🎉


  4. So many great ideas! I love it. As a professional photographer I did feel a bit depressed at the “no need for a professional photographer,” until I remembered I once wrote a similar post and that I really don’t promote myself as a full time photographer anymore anyhow. 😂 saving this post for future reference for this spring and summer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I could afford a professional photographer, I would hire one, especially on weekends. Just follow me around and capture all these moments with my family. Just thinking about getting the 5 of us together and doing a true photo shoot makes my head hurt although it sounds like the results would be amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Those are the sessions I do. Documentary style. I love them, but people in my area don’t really get the concept and aren’t interested. No biggie. I gave up on that dream for now. Maybe it will happen someday! But, you’re right, even I can’t afford a professional! Ha!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m so proud of myself that we do quite a few of these regularly in the spring. I would like to add picnicking to our go to list though. Thanks for the printable, scavenger hunt. I want to do that this week!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Blowing bubbles is my new favorite adult thing to do. I won some at a workshop I recently attended and now I carry them with me when I’m meeting friends and family so I can greet them with bubbles lol

    These other ideas are great too ❤


  7. Love it! I take my kids to the local schools. In NZ they have a designation like that of a park as it helps them obtain funding. For this you get free access to bmx tracks, areas to skate and skooter, play equipment, climbing frames, trampolines etc. Great post and I look forward to following your others. Stacey

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I loved doing these activities with my sons when they were young. Wonderful memories to treasure forever. Thank you for the lovely reminder. I shared your post on my blog!


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