When All Else Fails…Do it Again

It started with a statement from a 6-year old boy. He said, “Mom, don’t you love to decorate? Then, why don’t we have up any decorations for Mardi Gras?” He did not understand the magnitude of his words, but I understood immediately.

In the Fall of 2016, the Felicity Bee had a #FallFamilyFun Challenge.  Part of the challenge was to decorate your home with fall decor.  Up to this point, I had not really decorated my home yet.  I had tons of beautiful pictures, but I had zero beautiful spaces…so I took Erika Michelle up on her offer.

Hello There Handsome and Good Morning Gorgeous Photo Layout

I spray painted picture frames and wine bottles.  I spent my spare time on Pinterest looking at photo layouts and home decor arrangements.  My fall consisted of homemade wreaths and rustic mason jars.  My Christmas had bow wrapped cabinet doors and seasonal-colored runners with displays of all the photo cards we received.  I changed out the colors of the ornaments for New Years and Valentines.  Creativity was my outlet…

I usually do not remember when things change.  I cannot always pinpoint what triggers the end of events that used to bring me so much joy, but I remember clearly.  I remember that I ran out of words – when I decided my house was not beautiful enough for social media.  I remember when I gave up…and my home has looked like summer ever since.

We put up the obligatory tree at Christmas, and my husband hung the stockings…but other than that, not one change.  I decided that my results did not dictate the fuss.  I walked away, and I never looked back…that was until I realized that someone was watching.

Someone did not care that my house was not beautiful enough for social media.  Someone did not care that I was all out of words.  Someone just needed a mom who enjoyed spray painting, and taking pictures, and making printables she would never share, and hanging Mardi Gras beads on stair rails…

A little boy told me to do it again.

Failure makes us want to give up. Sometimes, though, we need to start over, use what we learned the first time, and do it again.

Sometimes, as adults, when we do not see the results we want from all our efforts, our first line of defense is to accept that we have failed.  We chalk up our losses.  We pick up the towels we threw in.  We walk away, and we never look back.

I stopped making to-do lists because I could never get everything done.  I stopped line item budgeting because I would always run out of money.  I ignored the piles of laundry, unmade beds, and carpets that needed vacuuming.  All of it was too much, and I just could not do it and simultaneously maintain my sanity, but then I heard that dern Voice, “Brittany, do it again.”

Of course, me being who I am, I politely declined, “No thank you.  I’ve taken enough failures for the time being.  I am going to have to pass.  I’ve been down this road before.”

He responded, “Yes, but this time is different.  Trust Me.  Just do it again.”

I rolled my eyes, “Why in the world would this be any different?  I still do not have enough hours in the day.  I still cannot manage calendars or to-do lists.  I cannot make money appear where the money is not.  How?  How is this different?”

He said, “you are different.”  He left it at that, and for the first time I considered His proposal.

I tucked my resolutions in the crevices of my mind in a world that no longer believes in resolutions.  And on January 1, I began to do it again.

He was right per usual.  I am not the same person.  I have learned the power of undone.  I like undone.  I need undone.  You see part of the fun of decorating is that you do not do it all at once.  Big projects only happen over time.  I have to wait for spray paint to dry, for pictures to develop, for sales on specific items I need.  I do not have hours of time to complete DIY crafts from start to finish, so instead there’s a significant amount of time where most of what I need to do is undone…

I learned to do the same with my to-do list, organizing, blogging, teaching, coaching, budgeting and “momming.”  If time runs out, I JUST LEAVE IT UNDONE!!

Someone here needs to hear that.  When life hands you lemons, and you feel like you have failed and you are over it, just keep going.  Someone is watching.  Someone could not care less about your imperfection.  You are different.  You are not the same.

Know that undone is the right place to be.  Thank God for little boys who appreciate your undone…

Appreciate your progress.  Appreciate that you are a work-in-progress.  Appreciate that your ordinary is more than enough.  Then pick up your undone and do it again.


What are some areas in your life that you feel are undone and you know you need to do it again?  Comment below or connect with me on FacebookInstagramPinterest, or Snapchat: mrsbonnaffons.

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Someone here needs to hear that. When life hands you lemons, and you feel like you have failed and you are over it, just keep going. Someone is watching. Someone could not care less about your imperfection. You are different. You are not the same.

24 thoughts on “When All Else Fails…Do it Again

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      1. Sadly, we didn’t even put our tree up this year. I felt bad. The first time in my kiddo’s life. No tree. We managed to decorate the mantle, adorn the fireplace and hang stockings. Normally, the tree stays up till (near) April, though, so the one “plus” was that we didn’t have to deal with a tree for 1/2 the year. LOL. Undone (or 1/2 done) can be a blessing, but I will do better this year. Thanks, Britza, your posts are always timely. Hugs…

        Liked by 2 people

          1. I’m not sure it dies down for everyone. I look forward to the tree every year too–from childhood to adulthood. I was just too exhausted to deal with it all last Christmas. You have a long way before the excitement abates.

            Liked by 1 person

      2. Chandra, this is maybe the third year in the last, say, 12 years or so that I actually got the tree down before the end of January. My daughter used to get upset if I took it down, like, before spring. For her, even though the presents thing was long past, she continued to relive the joy long past Christmas if I left the tree up. I leave lights up in a few spots in the house, though, year round. Then we can plug them in when someone needs to be cheered up.

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  1. I love your articles ,and you probably don’t know how much you inspire others with your simple words. I read this as my house is in a mess after pest control, a year after we made sure everything was in place and everything looked right. The house has pretty much been a mess from the last two days and I kept delaying redecoration because it seemed like all the effort I put in everyday for months, just went for a toss. Your post inspires me to begin again, with a smile.

    Also, you had once written a post about taking the time to dress up, and I’d commented on how inspiring it was, because I had been getting lazy despite wanting to do it. I now take the time to dress up and enjoy it thoroughly.

    Keep the inspiration coming 🙂 Thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much. Document your progress for sure so you can see the headway you make little by little. I’m so glad you enjoy dressing up too. So do I. It just adds a little pep to my step when I feel good about the way I look. 😘😘😘

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  2. Oh my goodness, I needed to read this TODAY (and honestly, every day the last few years…) – it made tears well up in my eyes with the grace-filled truth of it. Totally sharing and mainly so I can re-read it and so other mamas can hear this blessing, too. THANK you, girl!!!


  3. Great post. I think my life is a constant work in progress.. which means most things are ‘undone’. I was so OCD about cleaning my house and making sure everything is always in it’s place, but lately I just let things be for a while and then I do things in doses. I find it less stressful that way.

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  4. This year God has been asking me to renew my faith in Him. To make Him a bigger part of my day. A foundation, not a side dish. I feel a huge sense of change coming from this renewed faith. Sometimes change is hard, but sometimes it is so, so good.


  5. Lovely post Brit. Life is a daily adventure and I think the one thing that is constantly undone is the need to maintain minimalism. I get caught up in clutter so fast, it’s not even funny. A clutter-free life is a happy life. hehe 🙂

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