End of the Year Activity for High School Students – Tennis Shoes’ Coloring Sheets

As state testing and dual enrollment college exams come to a close, educators are left with a decision. Should they continue teaching content or find other ways to fill the remaining days in the school year? I chose the latter. After cramming as much math as possible into the brains of my students, I decided to find out more about other areas of their lives and interests. I scoured TikTok, Google, and Pinterest, and I decided to house my favorite end of the year high school activities here. As my first activity, I asked students to pick out a shoe from the ones I printed from Kicks Art. I chose to print the shoes from the Air Max collection, but there were tons of options and shoes choices.

Tennis Shoes' High School Coloring Pages | ordinarilyextraordinarymomn #endoftheyearactivities #endoftheyearactivitieshighschool #highschoolactivities #teacheractivities #coloringpages

I wrote their name of the back of the masterpieces and displayed them on my bulletin boards underneath the words “Leave a footprint of kindness.”

Here are the letters I used to spell out the leave a footprint message:

FREE PRINTABLE Graffiti Bubble Letters | ordinarilyextraordinarymomn #endoftheyearactivities #endoftheyearactivitieshighschool #teacherdecor #teacheractivities #freeprintableletters

Even in high school, they were super excited (a) to color and (b) to point out where their specific shoes had been displayed the next day.

What are some end of the year high school activities you enjoy doing with your students? What are some activities I should try at home over the summer with my own children?

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End of the Year Activity for High School Students: Tennis Shoes' Coloring Pages | ordinarilyextraordinarymomn #endoftheyearactivities #endoftheyearactivitieshighschool #highschoolactivities #teacheractivities #coloringpages #freeprintables #freecoloringpages

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