How to Make Positive Thinking Work in Your Life

When I was in college, my mom wrote and sent me a letter almost every day.  She believed in the power of the mind.  She believed in the power of thoughts.  She made me read The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.  (This is not a book review!)

There is power in positive thinking and a positive mindset. #positivethinking #minimalistlifestyle #positivethoughts #growthmindset #dailyaffirmations #inspiration #motivation

Yet, in the past few weeks, as I have settled into my resolutions, I understand now more than I ever did then how positive thinking can create monumental change in my life.

As a teacher, I wholeheartedly accept and try to embrace a growth mindset, but I did not always apply that mindset to myself.  Then, a few years back.  I began decluttering my life.  In the process of decluttering, I began healing.  In that healing, I began to recognize that things had to change.

I had to change.


For anyone else stuck in a cycle…

For anyone else seeking change…

For anyone else looking to tap into the power of positive thinking in your own lives…

1. Accept that broken areas can and will be fixed.

I attended a vision board party at the beginning of this year.  At that party, I learned some things about myself.  The facilitator asked us to think about what we say to ourselves when “it” does not work out, when “it” fails.  What do you say when the relationship fails?  When the job fails?  When you fail at motherhood?  When you fail at marriage?  When your day fails?  When your life falls apart?

The answers shocked me.  The way I talked to myself shocked me.  Tears, real tears, threatened to fall from my eyes as I recorded the mantras I repeated to myself over years.  Years of beating myself up…Years of self-fulfilling prophecies….Years of a fixed mindset stared me in the face.

I decided at that moment that I had to change.  Things had to change…

You have to change.  The cycle will not continue.  The cycle will stop.

But before the cycle can stop, you have to believe.  You have to stare the lies in the face. You have to find the root of the ingrained beliefs, and you have to yank at it bit by bitter bit.  You have to accept that you are not that person.  You do not have to be that person.  You can change that person.

2. Reprogram your thinking.

In that same vision board party, I had to replace each of those awful things I say to and about myself with a positive affirmations.

For example, I tell myself that my personality is too much.  I am too much. Even typing it, I can feel how deeply I believed it for so long.

You will be too much for some people - that's okay. Those are not your people. #positivethinking #minimalistlifestyle #positivethoughts #growthmindset #dailyaffirmations #inspiration #motivation

Imagine my relief as I wrote the following words right next to the statement “I am too much.”

“You are not too much. Your personality is just what the world needs.”

The world needs my too much.

And I kept going.  I addressed my hair.  I addressed my disorganization.  I addressed my sensitivity.  I replaced each negative mentality with a positive thought.

Changing your life through positive thinking starts with your mantras.  Write it all down. Get it all out.  Then change it.  Change the way you talk to yourself.  Reprogram what you say when no one but you is around to hear. It will change you. You will be different because you believe different.

3. Pay it forward.

Today I affirm that I will HEAL... Because I have suffered long enough. Because I am worth of PEACE. And because another woman needs to see that she can HEAL too. #positivethinking #minimalistlifestyle #positivethoughts #growthmindset #dailyaffirmations #inspiration #motivation

Someone is relying on your positive thinking.  Someone is watching you change. Someone is watching you heal.  They know who you were, and they need to see who you become.  Their change depends on it.  Their healing depends on it.


What are some ways you have made positive thinking work in your own life?

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27 thoughts on “How to Make Positive Thinking Work in Your Life

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  1. I love this!!🙂🙌

    On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 2:15 PM ordinarilyextraordinarymom wrote:

    > ordinarilyextraordinarymom posted: “When I was in college, my mom wrote > and sent me a letter almost every day. She believed in the power of the > mind. She believed in the power of thoughts. She made me read The Power > of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. (This is not a book revie” >

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  2. Love this!! I have days when I wake up thinking negative and right away I’m in a bad mood. But if I switch to positive thinking and shun the bad thoughts my mood lifts. Amazing what the power of the mind can do!

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  3. Awesome article! And I’m living proof that thoughts do become things. I was in a negative place throughout my teens,twenties and thirties and ran around in circles, trying to figured out why things always went the exact opposite of the way I wanted them to. I finally realized that it was my thinking- my entire outlook on life.

    Little by little I changed my mindset and it was the hardest thing I ever had to do because your mind has grown so accustomed to thinking a certain way that it will fight you at first.

    But in time positive thinking became easier and things in my life changed for the better. Successes started coming my way- seemingly like magic!

    Thank you for this post! So many people need to read this.

    Reblogged on Chateau Cherie,


  4. I love this! God has been reminding me a lot lately that when I question myself, I actually question His creation, His plan, and His purpose. We are definitely too much for some people, but we are exactly what God wanted. 💕

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  5. When I changed my thinking to “yes, there’s time in the day to do all that I want to do,” it brought about a lot of transformation for my life! Your post is spot on!


  6. I love how you’ve reminded us that someone needs to see our positive attitude in action, Brittany! And the best part of passing this positivity on to others is that we gain a double blessing back into our own lives! I’ll be pinning!

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    1. Thank you so much Beth! I feel like, at times, I am right in the middle of learning. I cannot share because I do not have it figured out. People do not need us to have it figured out. They need to see us in the middle sometimes…so that they can feel free to make their own progress at their own pace


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