One Way to Be a Light in this Season

One Way to Be a Light in this Season | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #bealight #cardshandmade #cards #stationary #spreadlight #inspiration #happymail

If these past few months have taught me anything, they have taught me a new appreciation for happy mail. I LOVE to go to the door step these days because I am receiving more than just bills. My perspective has shifted tremedously.

In light of that fact, I am super excited to also send happy mail. I have been teaching my children that they are “the light of the world” so we will be spreading as much light as possible. (Matthew 5:14)

Karla at Pitzen Paper has developed an amazing way to be a light in a world where our friends may or may not live in our city. Everyone loves a little pick me up, and Pitzen Paper has a line of beautiful cards to send out as happy mail.

A non-comprehensive list of reasons and ways to be a light through happy mail this season:

1. Birthdays

I know you already know this, but how many of you actually receive birthday cards these days WITHOUT having a birthday party? I used to receive a card from my grandmother each year. Now I receive one from my mother-in-law and one from my best friend. I always smile when they come through. A little definitely goes a LONG way.

Birthday cards never get old. #birthdaycards #bealight #stationary #photocards #spreadlight
Birthday cards are an excellent way to be a light this season. #bealight #cardshandmade #cards #stationary #spreadlight #inspiration #happymail

2. Thank You Notes

As a teacher, I wholeheartedly appreciate a thank you, and I am almost positive that I own every thank you note or card that any student has even given to me. The simple gesture of a handwritten “thank you” or “I appreciate you” brightens my day every time.

Find a way to be a light by saying thank you.  #thankyoucards #bealight #stationary #photocards #spreadlight
The inside photos on these cards are a lighter version of the outside beautiful photos.  #thankyoucards #bealight #stationary #photocards #spreadlight

3. Graduations and Special Occasions

My neices and nephews are graduating. Some of my favorite mentors at work are retiring. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, new job, new promotion, new baby and so many other occasions call for celebration The list is endless. People have so many reasons to celebrate. You can be a light by sending them happy mail to celebrate with them.

4. Thoughts and Prayers

All people hitting rough patches in their lives at some point for any of a number of reasons. They are sick. They lost a job…they lost a loved one. Your light shines brightest in the dark places. Imagine walking to the mail box after a tough spell and finding someone sending you their warmest thoughts. It does not fix the situation, but it offers them a slight bit of warmth in the cold places.

Be a light in the dark places with thoughts and prayers.  #birthdaycards #bealight #stationary #photocards #spreadlight #cardshandmade

5. Just Because

This one is my favorite. You name the reason. Or, even better, send happy mail for no reason at all. Surprise happy mail is the best happy mail. I enjoy all the thank yous, birthdays, and warm thoughts, but I also enjoy the “I thought you should have this” happy mail.


These cards are beautiful enough to send solo with the gorgeous photography. They can be displayed, or even framed, anywhere in your home.

The photos on these cards are beautiful enough to display anywhere in your home.  #bealight #spreadlight #cards #cardshandmade #stationary #happymail

Yet, you may consider sending the cards with an extra surprise (inside of the card or put the card in the box with something extra).

Some cards have pre-created messages. Others have blank insides so you can create you own messages. I plan to send plenty of happy mail over the next few weeks to spread light.


To get your own happy mail to be a light, please contact Karla at, or you may message her through her Pitzen Paper Facebook page here. She has so many beautiful photos, cards, and stationary. The price is $2.80 for a single card and $14 for the box of 8 blank cards or 6 message cards. That includes shipping, but sales tax will apply. You may also message me because I have so many beautiful cards to show you if you would like to see more examples…too many to display here.


What are some ways that you plan to be the light in the near future?

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One Way to Be a Light in this Season | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #bealight #spreadlight #cardshandmade #inspiration #christianmom #stationary

27 thoughts on “One Way to Be a Light in this Season

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  1. Yes, I truly understand what you mean by getting happy mail. Seems like a good way to brighten your day. And thanks for reminding me that I am a light to my world. Great job with the mail.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Good words!!🌻

    On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 6:53 PM ordinarilyextraordinarymom wrote:

    > ordinarilyextraordinarymom posted: ” If these past few months have taught > me anything, they have taught me a new appreciation for happy mail. I LOVE > to go to the door step these days because I am receiving more than just > bills. My perspective has shifted tremedously. In light of th” >

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  3. Definitely such a great way to be an encouraging light! It is beautiful that you are leading your children to be encouragers, to shine God’s light and love to others!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I’m glad to see more young folks sending out cards and letters. It is a habit that I recently revived in my own life. I never thought of how this could be a meaningful way for us to “be the light” to others, but now I’m even more motivated to keep up this new (old) habit!


  5. I was a bit hesitant to read this article. Glad I took the time to read it. I remember always looking forward to getting birthday cards from family. Christmas cards from friends. Growing up, my grandmother would always send me a birthday card (all grandkids got a card for their birthday) with a $2.00 bill. As I got older, I was a bit disappointed initially when I only started receiving birthday cards. She has now passed. So have my parents. In the last few years, I have only received 1 birthday card, one Christmas card, and one thank you card from a patient’s mother.

    I make it a point to give out Christmas cards with a handwritten blessing and prayer for each person I work with (until someone got offended and I was asked by my supervisor to stop handing out Christmas cards).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh no! Poor thing with the Christmas cards. *Sigh* I never thought of Christmas cards or even prayers as being offensive. I have, however, been intentional about thoughtful notes and cards recently as you said in many areas of my life because of what they have meant to me over time.


  6. Love this simple way to be a light to those around us! Sending a card to let someone know you’re thinking of them no matter what the occasion can be such a tremendous blessing!

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  7. I also got a card from my grandmother growing up. I love the idea of just because notes! Great idea for any time because you just never know who needs it!

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  8. Such a sweet way to be the light in this season. And even more, to teach our children to be lights. So sweet! And Pitzen Paper looks like it has some amazing cards to choose from! Thank you for sharing …

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  9. Sending and receiving cards, notes and letters in the mail is something I really miss, especially living far from my home country. It always brightened my day to get those little surprises. You’re right, during this time this is a great idea to pick up and run with.

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  10. I like the idea of happy mail, even the word connotes happiness. Sending happy mail is a cute way of speaking love. Thanks for sharing.

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