Black Moms Chat – Stereotypes Black Moms Face

Black Moms Chat: Stereotypes Black Moms Face | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #blacklivesmatter #blackmoms #parentingadvice #christianparenting #africanamericanmothers #motherhood

Have you ever wanted to take a sneak peek into how motherhood looks for others? During this time of racial injustices that we, as a people, are facing, I gathered with three other moms to share our experience and stories of being a Black mom in America.

While all of us have different backgrounds such as young and married, single-mom, or being in an interracial marriage, we all can somehow relate to or learn from each other.

In this episode we answer the following questions:

  1. What stereotypes do you face?
  2. Do you get the same respect as other young moms?
  3. How are you breaking generational curses and dismantling stereotypes?
  4. Is it hard to learn and act out being a modern submissive wife?

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked on several occasions to tell about my life. What have I experienced?

Check out our Black Moms Chat on Youtube to get this insight and so much more:

What are some stereotypes you have experienced in your lifetime?

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6 thoughts on “Black Moms Chat – Stereotypes Black Moms Face

Add yours

  1. Love this conversation Brittany! I actually used to adjunct at a community college and I would keep my little cousins during the summer, who were a little older than my own kids. So, what I would do, because I know people stereotype, is go out with all four of them (who were like 10, 9, 8, and 5), wearing my CC t-shirt just to watch people’s face lol I was like they have no idea I have three degrees and only two of these children are mine :-/

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  2. Ahhh you ladies are so beautiful!! Loved this video chat and it was neat to hear your voice!
    I have to admit I worry about being stereotyped as well when I’m out and about in my small town with my kids and my husband isn’t with me and especially if I’m not wearing my wedding ring…people can just be cruel and judgemental, loving to gossip etc…I don’t understand it.

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    1. Right? Let people love their lives without judgment. We are all out here trying to make it the best we know how. And yes, isn’t it funny to hear a voice? My voice is kind of deep so I know it’s rather unexpected of what people think I will sound like. 😂😂😂

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      1. You are so right about judging, because none of us are perfect!!! For crying outloud I’m not even sure where a person would begin if they wanted to pick apart my flaws but I feel like the same could be said of any of one reserves the right to judge because gosh darn it we’re all broken and in need of the One and Only Perfect Judge who created us equally…
        I loved your personality in the video (and your voice) …you come across happy and peppy just like in your blog!!❤️

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