Be yourself. Different is good.

I am not the same. I do things differently. I used to look around and try to figure out why. I tried to fit in. I wanted to fit in, but it never worked for me. I was always a little out of place.

I had been brainwashed to believe that I needed a tribe that looked like me, a tribe that acted like me. They told me I needed a niche. For the past 6 years of my life, I searched for this tribe and this niche, and I almost lost myself in the process. I ignored the parts of myself that I felt did not fit what the tribe was looking for, what the niche required.

I wanted to be a hair girl, but I am more than my hair. I wanted to be a mom blogger, but I am not organized enough nor is my house picture perfect enough. I wanted to be a Christian blogger, but God suggested that I talk about Him a little less so that I could reach more of the people He wanted me to reach. He asked me to talk about my hair more, and my children more, and my outfit of the day more.

I did not get it at first. How in the world could I reach people? How could I change the world one person at a time? How could I be of any influence if I could not even find my people? How could I find my happy while simultaneously living a life where I felt utterly out of place?

Head over to to continue reading my guest blog – Out of Place to Belong. Come back, comment, and share. What are some ways you have found that your different is good?

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18 thoughts on “Be yourself. Different is good.

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  1. I love being different I don’t fit into any particular mold and that is what makes me unique. I was made by God in order to bring Him glory in the uniqueness of how He created me.

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  2. I love this post! It resonates so much with me as I tried so hard not to be different when I was young. I wasted a lot of my youth fighting against what God intended for me to be. Thank you so much for this post! It put such a smile on my face!

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  3. What a great, inspiring post, Brittany. Thank you for reminding us how truly important it is to be ourselves in a world constantly trying make us fit in or go along with what the masses are doing. Staying true to yourself also allows for the right energy and people to infiltrate your life that will only strengthen your uniqueness and allow you to thrive as yourself even more.

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  4. I think it’s always a work in progress for everybody. Being unique is not easy. But your blog has a great vibe and attitude! Maybe ‘out of place’ is the new ‘in crowd’. 😎

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