Living with Purpose – Stay in Your Magic

I have not picked a word for the year since 2017. My word that year was declutter. I decluttered my time. I decluttered my to do list. I decluttered my past. I decluttered my holiday season. I had no idea at the time that I was making room for one of the toughest years of my life.

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I had zero desire to pick a word this year either. I told God that if He had a word for me, I needed Him to make it painfully obvious. I told him I could not take another 2017, and I did not have the capacity for –

He interrupted my rant, “Your word is magic.”

I sighed. I did not need Him to repeat Himself. I knew I had heard Him clearly. “Magic it is,” I confirmed.

He smiled. I smiled back and told Him, “I am going to need your help. People will not understand. Magic has a different connotation than you think it does.”

He laughed, “Don’t you always? And when have I ever been concerned with whether or not people understand?”

We sat in silence for a bit.


Magic – “an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.” (Merriam-Webster)

There it was in black and white. He simply needed me to hook my extraordinary into Him (my source).


Month two into the new year, and we could all use a bit more magic. The presidential election was controversial. Half the country is mad. The other half is rejoicing. Our former president has been impeached twice because some extremists tried to takeover the White House. Mardi Gras is cancelled. Festival seasons were cancelled. Large gatherings are still cancelled. I go to work with a mask on and teach children who also wear masks. A year ago, you could not have even told me today would look this way.

Yet here we are. Week 3 of month two, and I gave God the side eye on His whole “magic” theory. My house is a usual state of chaos. I yell at my children. My back was cramping so badly last week due to stress that I could not sit up or lay down. I have no magic left.

God whispered, “I never asked you to BE magic. I simply needed you to ACCEPT mine.”

I argued this time, “I cannot see how exactly you expect this to work. I have ONE set of patience. I can use it on the students, or I can use it on my children. I can either coach, or I can have a house that is presentable. I can be there for my family, or I can be there for my job. There’s not enough me for both.”

He smiled. He listened to my demands. Then He responded, “what if I can give you both? What if I can give you patience for your students AND patience for your children? What if I can give you a track team AND a clean house? What if I can give you enough you for your job, and your family, AND Instagram?”

Me: “But how?”

God: “Trust the magic. Live your purpose. I will take care of everything else.”


Magic – extraordinary power from a supernatural source.

For anyone who has ever doubted how exactly you can live with purpose, how you can live intentionally, this is for you.

Have a conversation with God. Ask Him what she wants you to do. Then trust Him.

Trust Him to help you stay in His magic.


What are some ways you live with purpose?

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10 thoughts on “Living with Purpose – Stay in Your Magic

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  1. Ahhh I knew exactly what you were describing with the connotation of using the word magic but boy I love how God spoke it to you and how you’ve conveyed it in this post!! Thanks for being real and raw and pointing to Him, where the magic never fails!!
    Good stuff! I’ve missed your writings!!


      1. I completely get it!! You absolutely need a break at times…lately I’ve struggled to write and typically I like to post on a Thursday or Friday each week but in this new year I get to about Wednesday and I’m like “oh no I have nothing to write, I don’t think I have the gift of writing anymore”….and then (by God’s work only) Thursday or Friday morning come and I’m finally finding words and I end up with a post at the last minute…not how I prefer to operate when I write…BUT God!! That’s how I know it’s all Him and not me!!!
        Take care sweet mama!

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  2. I never thought of God as having magic, but I like the definition you give — an extraordinary power from a supernatural source — Yep that’s God! My One Word this year is Faith. HaHaHa I know this year will be a challenge, right? But mostly He has been pushing me to pray more and pray with faith that He will answer. I also have had to work on not having anxiety about what is going on in my family and in the world, but staying focused on God, prayer, and today (not tomorrow). So far, it’s working. I am also laughing more, which I guess is a result of having less anxiety. So far, so good.

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  3. Beautiful post, Brittany. Missed your writing! Absolutely, we all have our moments of weakness and despair and question things but ultimately you must give yourself that time to pause and reflect on the ‘why’ and you will get the clarity you are seeking. I love how you illustrate your divine interactions. It is absolutely true, you must keep your faith near and dear to you, in whatever form that gives you peace and I believe that is what helps you determine what your true purpose is, each and every day.


  4. Its funny how God gives words that will be challenging for us. Last year it was Joy and it was one of the toughest years of my life. This year it’s thrive and I spent half the year feeling like I was drowning. But im on top now. Not easy but learning to ride the waves. ❤️


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