Decluttering your Past

I deactivated my second opportunity. I find it amazing that I received my first Vox Box opportunity AFTER I deactivated my Twitter account and even after I answered all of the hair product questions with “other” when the company questioned what products I use on my hair. And still they want to send me a box full of hair products. I am open with new brands for wiping my counters and toilet bowls. I have no loyalty to toothpastes or t-shirts. I accept all forms of carpet cleaner and makeup. I had one reservation when I signed up to review. I had one hope in the back of my mind. I prayed, “please. Please do not sent me hair products.”

God laughed. He said, “I told you not to sign up.” You see. Free is not really free. Everything in life comes at a cost. And sometimes I am so consumed in uncovering what a company can do for free that I forget, it comes at a cost. I would have to review a product for which I already had many reservations. I would have to share my loyalty with a line that did not necessarily meet my expectations. Then, to add insult to injury, God sent the one person who has my utmost respect to tell me specifically about the downside of the product I knew I was about to receive.

“Deactivate your account.”

But what if I just tell them the truth, that I do not want to share because the product is no good?

“Deactivate your account.”

But what about the boxes that come afterwards?  They could have some great stuff.


“Ok, God, I’ll deactivate the account.” And I deactivated my account.

Because this weekend, I learned that delayed obedience is disobedience. And last week, I learned that I could not move forward because 4,000 pictures that were taking up too much space. And He told me to start deleting months ago.

He knew months ago that last week, I would be starting a new chapter.  He knew LONG BEFORE I DID that I was holding on too much to a past that could prevent me from moving forward.  So after that I began to move just because God says move.  He can do more with whatever few items that account could have brought me.

He needs space to move mountains using ordinary moments.  He has big plans, and those plans require deactivated accounts, deleted photos, and unsubscriptions.  I learned that sometimes we miss our window of opportunity because we wait until we understand why but we always know what we need to do, most times long before we do it.

So I deactivated my account.

Because free comes at a cost.

Because holding on comes at a cost.  Because I needed space to move forward.  So I leave you with three thoughts as you continue to declutter your past and sometimes your present…

  1. Deactivate
  2. Delete
  3. Unsubscribe

You are going to need room for your ordinary to operate in extraordinary.  If you do not, your ordinary may just remain ordinary.  You will be stuck living the same life, repeating the same tests.  You will never make it to your next level.

Deactivate from accounts – from one-side alliances…or companies…or friendships…or relationships.

Delete e-mails, pictures, diaries, boxes that hold memories of pain that was once pleasure.  The pleasure will remain forever ingrained in your heart but the rest is just taking up much needed space.

Unsubscribe from things that no longer bring you joy, that just clog up your inbox and prevent you from focusing on what you really want to see.  What you really need to see…

Declutter your past.  It absolutely affects your present.  Think back, smile, then push forward.  You, my dear, have mountains to move.


Decluttering your past includes letting go of toxic people, relationships, and friendships. Sometimes we love these people. Sometimes these people love us. But they have served their purpose, and we must move on.

What account do you need to deactivate?  What portions of your past do you need to delete?

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23 thoughts on “Decluttering your Past

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  1. What an interesting post!
    I love to declutter! We are in the process of cleaning out our garage. There are boxes filled with things we haven’t seen, needed, or used in over 8 years!
    It’s been very cleansing to declutter!
    Came over on By His Grace Bloggers.
    Hope you have a wonderful day~

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  2. What a great reminder! It’s so easy to procrastinate or not prioritize some of these little things, only to realize in hindsight that they were important after all. It’s amazing how small steps of obedience are huge set-ups for the future. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I love it!! Delayed obedience is disobedience!
    Thanks for this timely reminder.
    So true…God does know what is going to happen before we get there thats why he speaks to us. We sure do need to delete some clutter for him to fill us up with the new.

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  4. I am someone who de-clutters whether it is the past, painful or not. As de-cluttering makes space for new and better things/people to come in. Yes same goes for me too, I delete addresses, mails, throw away old diaries or what ever old stuff I don’t need any more. It goes beyond that, as one can sell if one likes, donate too the things that is no longer useful. From time to time, I rearrange/shift the furniture, plants and change around and that makes the place look different and feel different 🙂
    I am very careful in getting into things that are free as suddenly unwanted things land on you that you have to do things like unsubscribe and deactivate. This type of people are very smart they get you hooked and then it is trouble Lol !!!
    De-cluttering is one of the best ways to put our minds in order too. A cluttered mind is a cluttered house it is said. A very good article and Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Many Blessings of Love and Light 🙂 ❤
    A little note to say that you have to excuse me for not going through all your posts. This is to all the blogs as, one thing is time as I am studying and also I keep to subjects that is relevant to me so that I don't put in too much information and get stressed. I have to be alert and safe guard myself at all times to be relaxed and positive and not let unnecessary things to disturb me. Happy decluttering 🙂

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  5. Thank you once again for speaking directly to my heart! Nothing is free, even relationships. They all come with a cost. Whether that is your time, effort, or energy. Decluttering your life of relationships is definitely not easy, but something that I have had to do recently. But like you said,” You are going to need room for your ordinary to operate in extraordinary. If you do not, your ordinary may just remain ordinary.” I had to remove some of those relationships, so I can truly invest in the ones that matter.

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  6. Since this year has been about moving forward in my life, I emptied 2 boxes filled with pics, journals, notes, articles. I am going through them to get rid of what I no longer need. Clutter is still clutter even if it is out of sight in a box in the back of a closet! Sometimes I move my clutter from one room to another, but then I still have to see that clutter all the time. Clutter does not go away by itself! So thanks for the nudge to get moving on my decluttering!

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    1. You are correct. Clutter is clutter. I find that I do a lot of decluttering and then never actually give the items away so sometimes I actually have to throw away. I’ve been much more cognizant of what I bring into my home now for that very reason


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