5 Budget Friendly Christmas Family Activities

As a mom of 3, I am constantly looking for fun activities to do with my family that do not put a strain on my Christmas budget. Each year, we like to pull out some of our old favorite family activities as well as incorporate new ones. This Christmas season, here are five of our favorite budget friendly Christmas activities (in no particular order):

1. DIY Christmas Ornaments

We did this activity last Christmas, and my kids could not wait to do it again. I get the clear DIY Christmas ornaments from the Dollar Tree, along with pipe cleaners, small poms and miniature bows, and I let the children decorate however they see fit. They loved it this year just as much as they loved it last year. Grand total = $10

2. Christmas Coloring Pages

I printed out a FREE Advent Calendar with Activities towards the end of November. One of the suggested activities was to color in a Christmas coloring book. We did not have any coloring books really available around the home, nor money in the budget to purchase any, so I googled Christmas coloring pages, and Christmas coloring commenced. The kids could even request some of their favorite characters in a Christmas setting. I hope to do some nativity coloring pages in the near future.

3. Christmas Dance Party

Kids love to dance (and so do adults for the most part, as long as they do not think others will be laughing at them). Throw on some of you favorite Christmas tunes from Youtube or Spotify, and let the dance party begin. It gives plenty of budget-friendly, family fun.

4. Christmas Scavenger Hunt

I found this FREE Christmas Scavenger Hunt printable here. My children had so much fun finding clues and running around the house. You can delete the clues that do not work for you, and I had hot cocoa bombs waiting for each kid at the end as their final treat.

5. Christmas Lights/Christmas BINGO

I combined these last two because we had fun playing Christmas BINGO AND playing blackout Christmas Lights BINGO when we headed out to see the neighborhood Christmas lights. The kids used Hersheys kids and other small candy they received at school Christmas parties as markers for the Christmas BINGO. I put the BINGO cards in sheet protectors … because kids, and we have played over and over ever since.

As far as Christmas lights, you can head to your local free lights display. (Every city has some space where a group of people had gotten together to go all out with the lights.) In our case, downtown Gretna, Louisiana personnel were those people.

Just as fun, though, in the neighborhoods along the way, children and parents alike, can enjoy the displays families have created. Christmas Lights BINGO allows you to search out traditional decor such a white lights and reindeer as well as more unique displays including Peanut characters and Santa in an airplane. You may still want to put the BINGO boards in sheet protectors and use dry erase markers to continue the fun for years to come.

Your turn, what are some fun FREE or budget friendly ways you enjoy Christmas activities as a family?

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