FREE Christmas Printables and Family Christmas Activities

As you enter into the final stretch of the holiday season, I would like to remind you that children are EASILY impressed. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT break the bank to impress your children.

They love the lights in the neighborhood as much as they love the $40 per car exclusive city special lights tour. They enjoy the free Santa that came in a firetruck to the church Christmas celebration as much as they enjoy the Santa you paid $20 a person to see at the Christmas Festival.

They ooohh and ahh over the free snowflakes and Dollar Tree ornaments while they walk right past the $20+ garland you purchased to deck your halls.

Now that you have established a baseline, here are some free activities you can enjoy as a family this holiday season.

1. FREE Christmas Family Activity 1-

DIY Snowflakes

My son wanted his room decorated the way we “decorate downstairs.” As an Christmas obsessed mama, I obliged, headed to Pinterest and found free Christmas snowflake templates.



The kids enjoyed helping me cut them out. We decorated my son’s room with them afterwards and added a few dollar tree Christmas trees and $3 wreaths with Dollar Tree ribbon. Final answer – a Winter Wonderland.

2. FREE Christmas Family Activity 2 –

Watch Christmas Movies

Another $0 item – Christmas movies and some homemade popcorn with your favorite seasoning = a win for the whole family.

Here is this year’s Christmas movie lineup.

3. FREE Christmas Family Activity 3 –

Christmas Lights

Hop in the car with the family, and head out to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. If your neighborhood is a bit Scrooge-y, head to someone else’s neighborhood. You can even add another fun twist by printing out a Free Christmas lights scavenger hunt printable.

Head here to download some great FREE Christmas lights Scavenger Hunt Printables

4. Free Christmas Family Activity 4 –

Advent Calendar

While Advent calendars have definitely been commercialized and sold in stores, there are PLENTY of Advent calendars available to download that celebrate my Best Friend’s birthday with Bible verses, prayers and low cost/no cost activities that are great for the whole family.


Here are some of the amazing FREE Advent activities I have found to do with the kids over the years:

  1. 100 Affections 72 Page FREE Advent Bundle
  2. Free Printable Advent Calendar with Activity Cards and Daily Scripture Cards
  3. 25 Bible Verses to Countdown to Christmas Day
  4. The 12 Days BEFORE Christmas – A Celebration of the Nativity (FREE Printables!)
  5. FREE Kids’ Christmas Activity – the Jesse Tree

As you head into the last few weeks before the celebration of the birth of Jesus, please remember that Jesus is FREE. He would not recommend you break the bank to celebrate him or the holidays.


What are some free ways you plan to enjoy the holidays this season?

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