FREE Christmas Kids’ Activity – DIY Christmas Ornament

As a mom, I am always conflicted about the Christmas tree. My dream is to have a themed tree with beautiful garland and ribbon. My reality is that I still let the kids decorate the tree, and the finishing touch is always a train track running around it with engines everywhere. However, I recognize that my kids will never be this age again. As long as they want to decorate the tree, I will absolutely allow them to do so.

Free Christmas Kids' Activity - DIY Ornament | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #budgetfriendlychristmasactivity #christmasactivity #diyornament #diykidsactivities #diyactivity

This leads me to the next cheap Christmas activity to do with children – a DIY Christmas ornament. Here is a list of the supplies we used to create the ornaments all found at our local Dollar Tree store:

  1. Green and red tinsel pom-poms
  2. Red jingle bells
  3. Green jingle bells
  4. Gold jingle bells
  5. Gold pipe cleaner
  6. Green pipe cleaner
  7. Clear plastic ornaments

(I get a little back if you use the links to make purchases online. I still recommend the Dollar Tree.)

I pulled out the ornaments and the Dollar Tree supplies, and I let the kids put them together however they liked. It was over an hour of fun for the evening, and I enjoyed every second of it. Grand total – less than $10 for all three ornaments.


Have you ever done a DIY Christmas ornaments? This was our first year, but I will definitely do it again in the future.

What other cheap Christmas activities have you done that you enjoyed?

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Free Christmas Kids' Activity - DIY Ornament | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #budgetfriendlychristmasactivity #christmasactivity #diyornament #diykidsactivities #diyactivity

9 thoughts on “FREE Christmas Kids’ Activity – DIY Christmas Ornament

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  1. I keep most of the Christmas cards people have given us. Some of them are really beautiful! A few years ago I started recycling them. I cut off the parts that people had written on and used card stock to make up what was lacking. (I think I used double-sided tape and Magic tape.) I recycled some of the envelopes, too. A computer address sticker or kitchen label from the dollar store works wonders! 😊


  2. Very creative and yes enjoyable for the kids as they pass these kids years and become older and their ideas change. Doing these type of things bring out their Talents too which they themselves didn’t know they had. Excellent mother you are and you have been dedicated to being a good mother all along. You should be proud of yourself . Love me ❤ ❤ ❤


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