FREE Christmas Activity – Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

We have officially entered the time of the year where the bottom line is a bigger deal than ever. We want to savor every second of the holiday season. We want to deck the halls. We want to experience the magic of Christmas, but our bank accounts try to limit how we can make that really happen.

The key word in that last statement is TRY. Nothing can truly limit a season of celebration of the birth of the Savior of the world. Do not allow your bank account to tell you differently.

FREE Christmas Activity - Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #freeprintable #freechristmasprintable #christmasscavengerhunt #freechristmasactivity #freekidsactivities

One way you can enjoy the Christmas season is to enjoy Christmas lights. My family has never been the family to put up lights outside our own house, but we have certainly taken advantage of the lights outside of others’ houses.

Last year, Pinterest inspired us to do a Christmas lights scavenger hunt so I decided to share two of my favorite Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt printables.

The first is Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt courtesy of Mique. Head to her page to download the printable for free!

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt #freeactivities #freekidsactivities #freechristmasactivities #kidsactivities #freeprintable

The second Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt is available to download FREE at the Savvy Sparrow.

FREE Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt #freeprintable #freechristmasprintable #freechristmasactivities #freekidsactivites #kidsactivites #christmasactivities #christmasscavengerhunt

We will definitely do one of these this season, and we could end up doing both.


Do you decorate your house with outside lights? What are some Christmas light scavenger hunt items you may add to the list?

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FREE Christmas Kids' Activity - Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #freeprintable #freechristmasprintable #christmasscavengerhunt #freechristmasactivity #freekidsactivities

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