Minimalist Christmas Guide

A Minimalist Christmas Guide | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #minimalistchristmas #christmasgiftsideas #minimalistgiftideas #clutterfree #declutter #decluttering #christmasguide #giftideas #christmasgiftideas

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received shirts/gift cards in exchange for reviews with my honest opinions.  All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing companies, and/or its affiliates in any way.*

For years, I have been working on decluttering. The process has not been without setbacks. However, lifestyle changes never are. As the holiday season comes in full swing, I am reminded of how much I have. I fill trash bag after trash bag and box after box with giveaway items, and I vow to do better going forward for the hundredth time.

What better way to move forward than with a season of giving at hand? For anyone looking to live life of less as the year winds to a close, a minimalist Christmas guide will give just the bit of direction the holiday season needs.

1. Do NOT overdo it.

Do NOT fill your calendar to the brim with activities. While you absolutely want to embrace all that the holidays have to offer, you are not required to over exert yourself to do it. Last week, as I looked at my full calendar, I had to say “no” to some events for my own sanity. I love lights. I love Christmas crafts and Christmas music. I love all of the festivities and festivals. Each year, I develop a list of all the ways to experience Christmas cheer.

20 Ways to Create Christmas Cheer | Christmas Activities | Christmas Fun | Christmas DIY | Holiday DIY | Holiday Activities
20 Ways to Create Christmas Cheer with Free Printable

This year, that list will be recommendations not non-negotiables…

Leave room in your lists, party invitations, and holiday planning to bow out. You do not have to see all the movies, or attend all the events. Do Christmas your way on your terms.

2. Presence over presents.

I love getting consumed in gift giving. I enjoy finding the perfect gift for the perfect person – family or friends. Yet, at the end of the day, no matter how perfect the gift is, people need my presence more than presents.

Presence over presence - just one way to enjoy a minimalist Christmas this holiday season. #minimalistchristmas #minimalistgiftideas #christmasgiftideas #decluttering #clutterfree #familyphotoideas #familyphotos

This goes for anyone. Part of a minimalist Christmas is enjoying each other. Live IN the moment. Do not let phones distract you. Do not let lists of “to dos” and “to buys ” distract you. Remember people love you with or without the perfect gift. If they do not, they are not worth your time or your money. Spend your energy on the people you love and who give you love in return.

3. Give experiences.

Over the past few years, I have added the gift of experiences to my tool box. I have given my husband tickets to professional football and basketball games. I have given my niece a gift card to her favorite trampoline park. This year, I plan to do the same with my two boys. Locally, my boys love Defy New Orleans. They are going to be so excited when the wake up to a stocking filled with the gift of trip after trip to their favorite “jumpy place” as they call it.*

One way to celebrate a minimalist Christmas is to give experiences. Experiences last a lifetime. #minimalistchristmas #minimalistgiftideas #giftcards #trampolinepark #kidgiftideas #decluttering #clutterfree #motherhood #christmasdecor #stockingstuffers

In addition, this year my best friend is taking my boys to see monster trucks as their Christmas gifts. Experiences do not go away. Experiences cannot be trashed. Experiences stay with you long after the moment has passed.

4. Shop Small

Alas, some people really do need new shoes, clothes, and vacuum cleaners. Thus, when I can, I shop small. I understand that price is definitely a factor when supporting small business, but there are so many people out there living their dreams. What better way to celebrate this season than to buy a great gift for someone else from a person who will directly reap the benefits of the sale?

I love so many small businesses. I wish I could name them all but I will leave you with my favorite two here.

(1) The Love of People is my go to for all things hair. She is a nurse practitioner, and she understands curly hair. She made my transition into, and maintenance of, natural hair seamless.If you cannot give an experience, your next best minimalist Christmas gift idea is to shop small. It is a win for all parties involved. The Love of People has an excellent product line for natural hair. #naturalhairproducts #shopsmall #minimalistchristmas #minimalistgiftideas #decluttering #clutterfree

(2) Called to Edify Boutique has the cutest Christian apparel and accessories. The owner has a heart for Christ and a passion for doing exactly what He has called her to do.*

Statement T-shirts are always a thing. Find one that someone on your list will love from a small business this minimalist Christmas. #minimalistchristmas #minimalistgiftideas #decluttering #declutter #clutterfree #holidayseason #happyholidays #christmasseason

You should have your own favorites. As you develop your own relationships with small business owners, you will discover that shopping with them for Christmas is a win-win for all parties involved.

5. Enjoy every moment.

Christmas is a time of year to relish the birth of Jesus Christ. Friends come together. Families come together. Do not rush simply because you see those around you rushing. Slow down. Take it all in.

Enjoy the moment. You will never have this moment again. #minimalistchristmas #minimalistgiftideas #familyphotoideas #familyphotography #christmasphotoideas #holidayseason #merrychristmas

You will never have this moment again. You will never be this age again. Your children are growing up. Your spouse is growing up. You are growing up. Only right now is promised. You can never get it back. Learn how to enjoy what you have. Do not waste your life in search of more when all you really need is less.


What are some ways that you plan to enjoy a minimalist Christmas?

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A Minimalist Christmas Guide | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #minimalistchristmas #minimalistgiftideas #clutterfree #declutter #decluttering #kidsgiftideas #stockingstuffers #motherhood #minimalist #minimalism

39 thoughts on “Minimalist Christmas Guide

Add yours

    1. I love this Britt! Experiences over stuff! I’m going to try and gift my family with experiences this year, like you said those moments will be felt even after the moment has passed. Thanks for sharing.


  1. I also love experience over tangible things is so much better. We cook for people and that experience is a memory that stays with people forever.

    Thanks for supporting Called to Edify Boutique. It has meant so much over the years.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These two stood out to me:
    “people need my presence more than presents.”
    “Do not waste your life in search of more when all you really need is less.”
    So true!
    My 1st part of a plan is to spend time at Thanksgiving at home with family. Then, I slept in on Black Friday. The only shopping I did was an after-the-crowd 50% off pants sale at our really well-stocked thrift store where I found a pair of dress slacks for my husband, soft Lularo yoga pants for my daughter, and the exact match microsoft pj pants for the pj shirt I bought a couple of weeks ago! Oh, and I did make a quick trip to the grocery after 9 pm.
    Another benefit of not doing all that shopping is less sickness. I can’t count on others to keep their sicknesses at home, but I can keep myself away from their sicknesses.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I purchase so much of my stuff online. I haven’t ever really done the start up late/wake up early off Black Friday. I also went out late to get a few wreaths and to pick up some items I ordered online. It makes such a huge different. I pray I continue to make good decisions this holiday season.


      1. Yes, I plan to buy for the grandkids and some others online. When I do have to go to a store, I try to take advantage of early holiday hours and get there before the crowds.
        Good start on the wise decisions! 😊
        Praying with you that you will continue to do so! ❤


  3. “Do less and enjoy it more” has been my theme song for Christmas ever since my four kids were small. And now, for the grands, I definitely lean more toward experiences than piles of gifts.
    Thanks for this inspiration!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes, it’s all a matter of balance and not becoming militant on any point. I believe that God is able to fold all the cultural baggage into his great redemptive story and bring meaning EVEN to our 21st century traditions.


  4. I love this, Brittany! That graphic with the ideas for each day is so cute and creative! I’ll be using it for sure! And the pics of you and your family are adorable! You are truly blessed with a beautiful clan! Thanks for sharing and I’ll be pinning this one today and scheduling to pin more later.


  5. Wonderful ideas on doing Christmas in a minimalist way. I decided to cut back on all the stuff I do this year. Fewer decorations, less prepared food, less money spent on gifts. More acts of service to those who need support.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. My in-laws started giving my kids experiences for their birthday presents a few years ago. I don’t know who loves it more- my in-laws or my kids! My kids can tell you exactly what they got to do for their birthday but no one can remember what physical presents they got! Memories are priceless!


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