How to Carry the Christmas Spirit Year Round

“Christmas is here everywhere.

Christmas is here is you care.

If there is love in your heart and your mind,

You will feel like Christmas all the time.”

(Writers: Mariah Carey, James Horner and Will Jennings; Singer: Faith Hill)


3 sure ways to carry the Christmas spirit all year long. #christmas #christmascheer #christmasspirit #holidaycheer #gratitude #love #grateful

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Last year I created Christmas cheer.  I needed it.  I needed a year to recover.  I needed a reason to get my mind off life’s curve balls and back on to the reason for the season.

This year, I am grateful for peace.  I am grateful for normal.  I am grateful that my biggest worry is which paycheck I will use to cover which gift.  I am grateful for a decluttered Christmas schedule.

In searching out the source of this newly discovered peace, I found that peace should always accompany the Christmas spirit.  As a result, I should be able to carry Christmas all year long.

If I can carry peace, then I can carry Christmas.  If I can live in peace, the I can live in a perpetual state of Christmas.

But how?  How can I make this happen?


For anyone seeking to create a life filled with the Christmas spirit…

For anyone seeking a life filled with peace…

I offer you the simplest list I have ever dared to share:

1. Give

Share what you have to offer with others.  Walk in your purpose.  Give your time.  Give your money.  Give your gifts – tangible and intangible.  Give of yourself.  Expect nothing in return.

2. Adopt an attitude of gratitude

Develop an attitude of gratitude: When you appreciate what you have, you find that you have all that you need for the moment. #christmas #christmascheer #christmasspirit #holidaycheer #gratitude
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Appreciate what life has given you.  Yes, it has hurt you at times, but it had also made you smile.  Mine has given me a loving husband, three beautiful children, a personality that oozes “merry and bright,” a community of friends, and so much more.  One of my friends, Ruth at planted by living water, actually blogs once a day about why she is grateful.  When you focus on what you have, you realize that you have all that you need for the moment.

3. Love

Mommy and Me matching pajamas #christmasphotos #christmasspirit #christmascheer #holidaycheer #mommyandmephoto #elfpajamas #christmaspajamas

I will end where I began, “when there is love in your heart and your mind, you will feel like Christmas all the time.” (Source).  Love is always the answer.  Love actually overflows into giving.  It creates the attitude of gratitude.

Love came to earth in human form.  We celebrate Him on Christmas day. Love died on a cross and rose three days later.  Love wants to take up a permanent space in our lives from now until forever.


So whenever you lose your way, whenever you cannot find Christmas spirit, start giving.  If you cannot find anything to give, start listing why you are grateful.  If you cannot find any reason to be grateful, start loving.  If you cannot find anyone to love, accept love.  Embrace love.  Know that you are loved.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)


What are some ways that you carry the Christmas spirit year round?

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How to Carry the Christmas Spirit Year Round | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #christmasspirit #christmascheer #holidaycheer #christmas #love #gratitude #reasonfortheseason

21 thoughts on “How to Carry the Christmas Spirit Year Round

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  1. In all the ways you mentioned above I try to carry the Christmas spirit year round. Sometimes just stopping and counting your blessings one by one helps to have a heart of gratitude. It’s so easy to focus on the things that are going wrong but when we do we miss all the things that are going right. The Grateful T-shirt looks great on you. Thanks again for being so supportive.

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  2. Reblogged this on Pics and Posts and commented:
    Fall 2019 is O-V-E-R! The grades are in, and I’m a couple of short reports away from winter break. I am beyond exhausted–too tired to write a post–so I’m sharing a post by my Brittany of Ordinarily Extraordinary Mom. In this post she offers three ways to carry the Christmas spirit all year. As I turn my attention fully toward family and holiday preparations, Brit’s Christmas spirit is just what I need to spark a little holiday magic. Maybe, this post will do the same for you.

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  3. I think I needed to read this the most todah. I always go through these phases of feeling like I need to “reset” the feeling of being in a positive mind frame instead of recognizing an off day as an off day. I definitely will be practicing gratitude more! Loved this so much ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love, love! this post! And I feel so loved and encouraged that you shared my blog!
    ❤ ❤ Smiles and Hugs Thank you so much! 😀 You made my day!
    A list of 3 things: so simple yet so hard to do! It definitely takes daily intentionality, daily surrender of self, daily purposefully remembering how blessed we are and how loved we are so that we can pour out that love and those blessings to others!
    I love your ending paragraphs, and John 3:16 is such a perfect verse for that section. Indeed, we are able to love because He loved us first! ❤ ❤
    Way to go on this post, sister! Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe! You are so kind Ruth!! I love what you’re doing with your blog. I don’t get to read it daily, but I can always catch a few good ones every time I visit every few days. Keep doing what you’re doing. Gratefulness is so important and goes such a long way!!!

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  5. As usual, uplifting words and practical strategies. The giving of self is something I’ve struggled with since my autoimmune disease took over my health. I used to pour myself out daily. Now my illness demands that I reserve stores for functioning. I leave myself rebound time. The fact that strength must be measured and doled out can be discouraging. I feel as if I can’t entirely engage. I can love, though, when I have nothing to give. Words and encouragement can be offered when strength is gone. Eyes on Jesus, walking in his steps, giving as he leads is the Christmas strategy.

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  6. Thank you. The basis of Christmas is God. The holiday is much too commercial now. I chose love then everything else follows. Take care. And please read more from my blogs.

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