FREE Kids’ Christmas Activity – the Jesse Tree

As we head into the holiday season, we can be consumed with things that take away our focus from the reason for the season. We want to find the perfect gifts that fit our budgets. We want to decorate our houses. We want to attend all of the holiday events, and we can lose sight of the fact that we have little ones looking to us to teach them what Christmas really means.

I have found myself there recently, and God gently turned me back in the right direction. As a mama with an arsenal full of activities that cost little to nothing, God asked me to share my knowledge as my way of giving back this season. For the next 16 days, I will be sharing ways you can enjoy the Christmas season with your children that are completely free or cost only a few dollars (less than $5 total).

Today’s activity is the Jesse Tree.

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My son came home with a page of small paper ornaments that he actually pastes to a Christmas tree page. The circles on the Christmas tree are just the right size for the ornaments. I could not find that specific activity but these two FREE Jesse Tree activities are still excellent alternatives.

Catholic Inspired has printable Jesse Tree ornaments that your children can color, cut out, and hang for the Christmas season. With the download, there is a list of Bible verses to read each day to go along with the ornaments for the holiday season. You can download the Jesse tree ornaments here for free.

Free Kids' Christmas Activities - The Jesse Tree | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #kidsactivites #childrensactivities #freeprintable #freejessetreeactivity #freekidschristmasactivities #jessetree #christianmom

I also located Jesse tree ornaments from Faithward. In addition to ornaments that are either pre-colored or that your kiddos can color themselves, they have a free downloadable, kid-friendly devotion to go for each day. Click here to access the Faithward Jesse Tree Christmas activity.

If you are anything like me, you may feel as though you already missed the start of Advent season or the Jesse tree, etc. BUT, it is never too late to start. Teaching your children about the beauty of the reason for the season is always a good idea. They may miss a lesson or two, but the lessons build in such a way that you can completely understand one day without having to know all of the days before it.


And that today’s FREE kids’ Christmas activity. I have a good idea of how I plan to proceed throughout the week, but let me know if you have any suggestions for me to put on here as far as resources. If you have links, please send them to to prevent my blog from accidentally marking you as spam.

That being said, what are some free or cheap kids activities you do around Christmas to help them remember the reason for the season?

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