Self-Care for the Working Christian Mom

October and March are the months where I hit the wall. I am good for a while, swimming, and then treading water, and the boom – brick wall.

That being said, self-care is huge for me. Self-care is the only way I preserve my sanity. As Christians, I feel like, we equate self-care with selfish. We roll our eyes at all the mamas who could not figure out the balance and took the time to indulge themselves. We have our God who helps us handle it. Those poor non-Christians and their secular self-care must just live such pitiful lives that they are always taking a break.

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Yet, self-care is just as important for us. While what we do as a form of self-care may look a bit different (and at times looks exactly the same), listening to God’s still small voice about how we can help ourselves is absolutely essential.


Today, for example, has been a day. This week has been a week. I spent lots of time gathering outfits for last week’s homecoming week, followed by putting finishing touches on Instagram campaigns, followed by a girl’s weekend out of town, and then Halloween. Needless to say, this mama is tired.

And just as I thought I was going to slow down the pace a bit, as all kid’s Halloween costumes had been purchased, and I am walking into school with all the necessary pieces in place for Homecoming outfit of the day, I get a call from my husband that the school has turned my son around at the door, and we must pick him up because his eye is swollen.

Now as I type, I sit in the doctor’s office and try to figure out how exactly I can simultaneously be at home and at work for the next week of my life. My students have a test tomorrow. And even as I type, there comes the still small voice in all His calm, “Relax! You’re tired. You need a break, and you refused to take one so I gave it to you.”

My students will be fine. Life will go on.

So I leave you with the following self care tip for the working Christian mom.

Listen to that still, small voice.

He knows what He is talking about. He knows what you need, and He knows when you need it. He has a plan designed with you in mind. He simply needs you to walk in it.

Staying in His plan and in His purpose is self-care at its finest.


It is that simple. What are some ways you practice self-care as a Christian mama?

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  1. I don’t do self care but I’m trying lately. Getting my hair done tomorrow first time in years, and I am getting makeup for Christmas, after being off using makeup for three years. I’m excited. My husband encouraged me to take care of myself for myself.


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