Cheap Christmas Decoration Ideas for the Home – Just Add Ornaments

When I first began my journey to embrace all things Christmas, I wanted to truly transform my home. I wanted to feel the Christmas spirit as soon as I walked through my doorway through all of my beautiful decorations. I also had very little money to make that transformation happen. Cue, Pinterest. As I scrolled through thousands of posts, I found a resounding theme – ornaments can do the trick.

A quick trip to the Dollar Tree with $5 and you can come home and add ornaments to window arrangements. You can also put them into glass (or plastic, whichever you have available) bowls and jars as centerpieces.

(As a side note, I found the monogram ornaments at the Target Dollar Spot for $1 each. Also note that the garland and miniatures trees you see here were bought over the years a bit at a time because Christmas decorations for the home should be bought a few at a time little by little over the years, but I digress.)

You can also add ornaments to light fixtures and fans to decorate your space for Christmas at home. In the photo below, the grand total for all of the ornaments you see with the ribbon that holds them was $3. They make the space more festive.

A final way you can use ornaments as decor is to add them to the wall. For the look below, start with a horizontal string of ribbon. Using separate pieces of ribbon, tie each ornament to the horizontal ribbon and let it hang. I attached the entire piece to the wall using push pins, but command strips will also do the trick. At the very end I added the “Be Merry” garland just to see what it would look like, and I loved it, but you do not need the garland to have beautiful ornament wall decor.

Shirts from Sebi & Coco.
Be Merry garland from Target.

What are some ways you decorate your home for Christmas on a budget?

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