90s Fashion Inspo for the 2023 Woman

Make no mistake about it, 90s fashion is back with a vengeance. As a woman raised in the 90s, I love seeing the shelves stocked with overalls, fanny packs, chunky boots/shoes, combat boots, bucket hats, and so much more. Even better, fashionistas are actually wearing the styles for the modern day woman much the same way they styled them originally.

Looking for some 90s inspo to add to your current wardrobe? Try some of these:

The Fanny Pack

Out of all of the items, this one is the simplest add. You can pick out the color and pattern to meet your taste. However, the fanny pack is now more likely to be worn as a cross body than around the waist as it was traditionally.

Women 90s fashion inspo - the fanny pack #90sinspo #90sinspowomen #90sfashion #fannypack #90sstyle


They can be baggy like boyfriend jeans or fitted, whichever you prefer. Usually they are styled with a crop shirt/sweater or a fitted tank underneath. However, I have also seen them paired with statement tees. Contrary to 90s fashion however, they are hardly ever worn with one strap down or backwards nor with baggy shirts underneath (that are not cropped).

Chunky Shoes/Boots

Tennis shoes, combat boots, booties, and pretty much all shoes are now fully acceptable in the chunky version…as inspired by 90s fashion which is actually the 90s spinoff of platform shoes from the 70s. Doc Martens are back and so are Converse low tops and high tops.

Women 90s fashion inspo - overalls and bucket hat #90sinspo #90sinspowomen #90sfashion #combatboots #90sstyle #buckethat #overalls

Bucket Hats

I opened a gift I received last October and squealed with glee as I pulled out a Delta Sigma Theta bucket hat from one of my Sorority sisters. I immediately took my hair out of its high pony tail, and put it on my head for the afternoon Homecoming game. I then found myself investing in two more that I pull out every few weeks as accessories for my current wardrobe. Bucket hats are definitely the 90s fashion inspo this woman needed back in full effect in 2023.

Women 90s fashion inspo - the bucket hat #90sinspo #90sinspowomen #90sfashion #buckethat #90sstyle

For any woman out there wondering whether she can rock the same style she rocked over 20 years ago, the answer is yes! 90s fashion is official trending. You have permission to be a part of the trend.

What are some looks from 90s fashion that you love for any woman?

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