Transitioning Your Minimalist Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

How to Transition Your Minimalist Wardrobe from Summer to Fall | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #capsulewardrobe #minimalistwardrobe #fallwardrobe #minimalistliving #project333 #minimalistfashion

The beginning of the school year always brings about transition, and this school year is no different. Whether you are homeschooling, virtual schooling, or sending the kids to school in person, a new chapter is under way.

A while back, I started my journey to less. My wardrobe has not looked as traditional as some other minimalist wardrobes, but I noticed when I began to try to tag pieces in a new app that approved me on Instagram that most of my pieces are (A) purchased from small businesses or (B) the same pieces used over and over for years.

So in my journey back to this new normal, I decided to share a few ways to make the same pieces work in multiple seasons.

(All of these pieces are linked here if you decide you want any of them specifically.)

1. Exchange crop/short sleeved shirts for sweaters.

White Sweater with wide leg crop pants for fall wardrobe #minimalistfashion #fallwardrobe #fallfashion #minimalistfashion #capsulewardrobe
White Sweater with Black Wide Leg Crop Pants

Here, I paired the same wide leg crop pants with a short-sleeved shirt and a sweater. You can also add a jacket or kimono to a short-sleeved look using the same pieces in summer and fall.

2. Exchange shorts for crop pants.

Some workspaces are cold so a cute draped cardigan is always a staple item in my collection. However, during the summer, weather many times dictates shorts. In the fall, simply exchange those shirts for a pair of crop pants.

3. Exchange shorts for pants

Tie dye kimono + high waist wide leg pants for fall wardrobe #fallwardrobe #fallfashion #minimalistwardrobe #minimalistfashion #capsulewardrobe
Tie Dye Kimono and High Waisted Wide Leg Pants

When temperatures start dropping, pants also do the job. Same kimono here, both the shirts and shoes are interchangeable on either outfit, just switch out the bottoms and viola – a new look for a new season.

4. Add a blazer

Boho dress with blazer for your work wardrobe #fallwardrobe #fallfashion #minimalistwardrobe #workwardrobe #capsulewardrobe
Boho Summer Dress with Blazer

Adding a blazer, kimono, or jacket transitions your summer wardrobe piece into a fall wardrobe piece. Cover those shoulders for cool fall mornings and evenings (or the entire day depending on where you live). I am in the south so fall is more of an extended summer with potentially cool morning and evening breezes.

And there it is, the same pieces styled multiple ways so you do not have to do a wardrobe overhaul for the new season. What are some ways you transition your summer pieces to use them for the fall?


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How to Transition Your Minimalist Wardrobe from Summer to Fall | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #minimalistwardrobe #minimalistfashion #fallwardrobe #capsulewardrobe #project333

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