3 Ways to Style Booties for Fall/Winter

It’s officially bootie season, and I LOVE a bootie. Many women I know also love booties, but they do not always know how to style them. I literally wear booties with anything, but here are three easy styles for booties.

1. Wear your booties with an biker shorts or tights

Anything tight fitted will bring out the chunkiness of the bootie, or, even if the shoe is not chunky, it will highlight how cute the bootie is.

Style booties for fall with biker shorts or leggings #booties #bootiesoutfitfall #falloutfits #falloutfits2021 #fallstyle

2. Wear your booties with a dress.

All dresses work with booties – maxi dresses, midi dresses, mini dresses, flowy dresses, tights fitted dresses, SKIRTS. You can rock booties with any of them.

Style booties with a skirt for fall or winter #booties #falloutfits #falloutfits2021 #winteroutfits #winteroutfits2021 #fallstyle
3 Ways to Style Booties for Fall/Winter | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #booties #fallstyle #falloutfits #falloutfits2021 #winteroutfits

3. Wear your booties with tapered jeans/pants

Any pants or bottoms that have a small ankle look great with booties. Skinny jeans are a win. Tapered jeans and pants are a win. Even tapered crop pants are a win.

Wear booties with tapered jeans or pants #booties #falloutfits #falloutfits2021 #winteroutfits #fallstyle
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Head to my like to know it page to shop my style at any time. Here is a short REEL of how I styled booties on Instagram:


Your turn. What are some ways you like to style booties?

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3 Ways to Style Booties for Fall / Winter | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #booties #falloutfits #falloutifts2021 #fallstye #winteroutfits

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