Cheap Christmas Kids’ Activity – Drink Hot Cocoa

Cheap Christmas Activities for Kids - Drink Hot Cocoa | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #cheapchristmasactivites #kidschristmasactivities #hotcocoa #cheapchristmasactivitiesforkids #budgetfriendlychristmasactivities

You have come to the end of your Christmas shopping list, and your money is low. You want to continue to enjoy the holiday season but you need a cheap way to do so. Hot cocoa is always a good idea.

I have never meet a child who did not enjoy a good cup of liquid chocolate. This past weekend, my kids actually got to try a hot cocoa bomb which was as much fun for me to watch as it was for them to drink.

Hot cocoa is always cheap and fun for children during the Christmas season #cheapchristmasactivites #kidschristmasactivities #hotcocoa #cheapchristmasactivitiesforkids #budgetfriendlychristmasactivities

They put the bomb inside the cup, poured the hot milk over the top and viola – a chocolate filled treat with marshmallows for them to enjoy.

While, the cocoa bombs ran me about $3 each, you can definitely enjoy hot cocoa for much less. I purchased a 12-pack from the Dollar Tree recently. Pair the packets with water or milk, and you have a tasty cup of fun.

For bonus points, add a fun mug or read a book while enjoying the hot chocolate.

Cheap Christmas Activities for Kids - Drink Hot Cocoa | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #cheapchristmasactivites #kidschristmasactivities #hotcocoa #cheapchristmasactivitiesforkids #budgetfriendlychristmasactivities

Do you guys enjoy hot cocoa or other fun holiday beverages this time of year? What’s your favorite cheap activity to do with your crew this time of year?

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  1. I’m drinking some hot chocolate right now! I used vanilla almond milk, about a tablespoon of the liquid chocolate that you squeeze over ice cream, and a handful of semi sweet chocolate chips, which did not melt all the way, but still imparted the right flavor. It’s really good! 😊

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