Curly Hair Care – Spring Edition

Caring for Curls always takes a little extra TLC - #curlyhair #curlyhaircare #naturalhaircare #4chair #girlswithcurls #naturalhair #curlyhairstyles

Curls have dominated the hair scene over the past decade.  The natural hair movement has inspired women, and men, of all cultures to embrace the hair that grows out of their heads naturally.  As a result, the curly hair care market has exploded with products, tips and tricks to help curly girls live their best hair life.

Almost two years ago, I joined the movement.  I big chopped.  I wore my 4c fro with pride.  I learned to care for my daughters hair all while learning to care for my own.  I was fully invested in all things curly.

Many naturalistas start their journeys with a big chop. I was all about it, and then the big chop started growing out... #bigchop #curlyhair #curlyhaircare #naturalhaircare #naturalhairjourney

Then life got in the way.  I no longer had the band width to twist every night or style every morning.  I did not want to big chop again so I turned to weave – my favorite go-to protective style.  All the while, I felt like I had betrayed my natural hair community.  I felt I could no longer contribute to the natural hair movement.  I could no longer speak on curly hair care so I stopped.

I was wrong.  In my house, I care for three types of curls – my natural curls, my daughter’s curls, and my curly weave.  I style curls daily.  The first thing people notice about my daughter and me when we walk down the street are our crowns of curls…so I refuse to continue to stay quiet based on some prison I created for myself.

As April showers bring May flowers, here are some ways you can care for your curls this spring:

1. Moisturize

Moisture is absolutely essential for curly hair and all natural hair. Find products that lock in the water after you add it to your hair. #moisturize #naturalhaircare #curlyhaircare #naturalhairmovement #naturalhaircommunity #curlyhaircommunity

Your curls need water!!!  One of the biggest mistakes we make in the curly community is to shy away from water.  We do not want our curls to frizz or to dry out so we overuse products and under use water.  Yet, most of us like our curl definition the best when the curls are soaking wet.  We just cannot figure out how to keep it that way.  We love the before and dread the after so we choose to stay away from water.  Water is NOT the enemy.  The loss of the water is the actual culprit.  Once you wet the hair, find products that will retain the moisture.  (I highly recommend the Love of People*.)  Your curly hair care should include items that not only lock in moisture but also hold on to your hair’s naturally produced vitamins and minerals.  Stay away from items that strip your hair of those same vitamins and minerals.

2. Take care of your hair in protective styles.

Naturalistas wear weave, wigs, faux locs, braids and so many other styles to protect their natural hair. We must be sure to take care of the curly hair underneath the protective style. #protectivestyles #naturalhair #naturalhaircare #curlyhaircare #curlyhairstyles #naturalhairstyles

I wear weave. Some of us wear wigs, crochet braids, faux locs, senegal twists, low puffs, high puffs, regular twists, and the list goes on. Your hair still needs the same moisture and care in protective styles. While they require less day to day manipulation, they still require attention. Lows puffs and high puffs need daily checks and care to ensure that the hair is not breaking around the edges or in the middle. Sometimes we put so much time and energy into making sure the braids, twists, weaves, and wigs look great, that we forget to tend to our real hair. It still needs moisture. It still needs love. And most of all, protective styles are NOT meant to stay forever. When we leave them in too long, they actually stop protecting and start harming the hair.

3. No over manipulation

The reverse of over protecting is over manipulating. Let your curls live.  I always wanted the perfect twist out or the perfect wash and go so I spent way too much time “touching up” daily.  Your hair cannot take constant manipulation.  A little frizz is ok.  Imperfect curls and curl patterns are ok.  Fly always are ok.  Instagrammers and Youtubers have given us an unreal sense of what day to day hair really looks like.  Instead of watching feeds and prerecorded videos, start watching stories and live videos.  That is what day to day really looks like.  As I was reminded recently – “you were born to be real not perfect.”

4. Update your curly hair care routine

As you learn more about what works and what does not work with you hair, change your curly hair routine accordingly.  As the cold weather ends, and sunshine sets in, learn how that affects your hair.  With more rain, learn how the humidity affects your hair.  When your hair grows or you chop a few inches, learn how the new length affects your hair.  You may need to modify wash days.  You may need to modify your “go-to” styles.  You may need to modify your “go-to” products and people.  Whatever the case, keep learning; keep finding what works best for you.  For example, my current staple product is XXIV*.  With my spring schedule, my wash days have changed from Saturday to Sunday mornings or after church.  I used to love wash and gos for me and twist outs for my daughter.  I now prefer the opposite.

Life changes.  Hair changes.  Preference changes.  It is completely okay for you to change. Part of curly hair care is accepting that what you do and love today may change tomorrow.


What are some things you do to care for your curls?

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As spring sets in, our curly hair care routine may change slightly. Learn how to adapt to the changes so your hair can thrive. - #curlyhaircare #naturalhaircare #curlyhairroutine #curlyhairproducts #naturalhairproducts #curlyhaircommunity #naturalhaircommunity

*I received $0 for talking about the the Love of People.  I am sharing my honest opinion one curly girl to another.

31 thoughts on “Curly Hair Care – Spring Edition

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  1. Your hair is beautiful! I think so many people with straight hair wish they had curls and vice versa. If I have a really nice layered “above the shoulder” cut, I have waves. Otherwise it is straight.

    Being content is key, and knowing what to do with what you have, so it looks its best! Thanks for coaching for curls!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Brittany!

    I loved this post, and how you embrace all types and styles of curly hair! I just shared it on Pinterest! (I also enjoy all of your other content on your blog!)

    I would love to collaborate on a review and giveaway, as I would love to introduce you and your readers to our hair accessories that are very gentle on hair, and I would love to introduce my audience to your blog!

    I am a homeschooling mom of 7 (and grandma of 3!), and I’ve also been an independent stylist with Lilla Rose for over eight years. They make elegant, well-made, unique hair clips, bobby pins, hair bands, sticks, and other hair accessories.

    The product that I fell in love with and caused me to become a consultant was the Flexi-Clip. It is a one-piece, flexible hair clip that works in all types of hair, from baby-fine to extra-long and thick, including locs. It comes in 7 sizes, and enables you to do a variety of charming hairstyles, from a simple half-up to a full French Twist!

    It really is a life-saver for busy moms like me, because you can do your hair beautifully in only seconds and be ready for the day!

    I would love to sponsor a review & giveaway on your site. I would send you an item or two to review, then we’d run a giveaway for one of your readers to win one. I can set the giveaway entries up for you, so to enter, all they’d need to do is click your link. We use UpViral, to get the most referrals and sharing possible, so that new people are introduced to each of us. Entrants would get extra entries for subscribing to your email list and following you on social media.

    I am also in the middle of creating a course on Influencer Marketing, and we may also use you as a case study, if you are up for it! That would also get you more exposure.

    You can read more about the Flexi Clip from my post here:

    My website is:

    And my Facebook page is:

    I have two boards on Pinterest with natural hair and locs using our products: Lovely Locs and Natural Hair sisterlocs, locs, natural hair

    I would also promote the R&G to my email list of 2,800+, and social media followers, so that you’d get new readers as well!

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Thanks so much! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    Blessings, Paula


    1. Thank you so much! I looked into it some. I remember wearing similar hair accessories when I was younger. I truly appreciate you reaching out for this awesome opportunity, but I am going to have to decline for now. Again, I thank you for your kind words and your offer.


  3. I do not have curly hair much to my regret (because it is SOOO GORGEOUS) but I am so glad you are rocking what you love, no matter whether it’s yours, your daughter’s, a weave, whatever. It’s all amazing and beautiful!! A side note – your tips work great for me, too (I have straight/fine/thick hair). Yay!

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  4. After several years of experimenting so have settled on the Cantu Shea Butter line. I use olive and Castor oil as a sealant. I agree on the “water is our friend” philosophy. I ran from water for years. Both my adults are natural. My youngest has virgin hair. She is 26. Great post.

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  5. I have wavy hair, but nothing like your beautiful mane of curls, Brittany! I can tell you know what you’re talking about! I’ll be pinning for all those curly-headed gals out there who need your expertise!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was just telling Diana that my co-worker has wavy hair and so much of the curly hair stuff applies to her too especially the “must style when wet” then “lock in moisture with product.” The biggest thing you’ll have to get used to is the drying takes much longer when you have waves if you want to really accentuate them, and you probably don’t want to wash it daily. Maybe try every 2-4 days.


  6. Thanks for the tips and good that you are accepting where you need to be with hair life right now. My hair isn’t what I want in an ideal world where I had unlimited time…. but it’s what works best in this stage of life for me too 🙂

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  7. I have a curly head daughter a d i neef a routine for her hair. I’ve never been a hair care person, but now that i have to do hers im trying to be more aware.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad. I actually started this journey for my daughter. I’m excited for track season to come to a close so that I can start playing with my natural hair more although I do love my weave. I had tons of fun learning about mine. Time, though, was definitely an issue.


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