Going Natural 101 – 5 Things No One Ever Told Me

Let me start by saying I am impulsive by nature. Perhaps if I had done tons of research in advance, I may have uncovered some of these things ahead of time. However, since my big chop came as a direct result of one round too many of hair breaking off, I felt that going natural was my last option for healthy hair. As a result, I did a very small amount of digging before making my decision. Here I am a year and a half later, hopefully able to share things I wish I had known last April.

1. Everyone deserves a DevaCut.

For any girl who has never had a haircut that did not require a flat iron, you have GOT to try it out. Fortunately for me, I have never had to sit through a wash, dry, flat iron, trim ends experience with my curly hair. In the beginning, I did not realize the value of Baby Bangz Salon. I thought every girl experienced the beauty of a well-shaped mane and walking out of the hairdresser with her own tresses looking as breathtaking as ever. Yet, Instagram has revealed to me quite the opposite. I hear horror stories of heat damage, and, even worse, inches of new hair that women worked so hard to grow falling to ground with a simple snip. If this is you, I highly recommend finding a stylist that specializes in curl girls. A Devacut allows each curl to be cut individually to create a beautiful shape. If you plan to wear your curls for the world to see, a Devacut is your friend.*

2. No one woke up like this.

Short Natural Hair in Flat Twist Out
My daughter and I have been into fish faces and duck faces lately.

My hair did not magically become the perfect combination of curl and fly away. My Instagram in no way reflects my struggle (except maybe the perfect head wraps covering my imperfect curl days). Truth is whether I love it or hate it I have to leave the house. Why did no one tell me? By the time I found out, it was too late. I was told, instead, that if I watched enough YouTube videos and bought the right products then I would achieve perfect hair daily!!! Oh the lies!!!! Imagine my shock at my first twist out gone terribly wrong. Even worse, the day after my perfect curls was, most times, a matted mess. To top things off, I still had tame the untameable enough to get to work on time. Sigh. No one told me. I found out the hard way. You, though, have been warned. Learn a go-to move that saves a style.

3. As your big chop grows, your routine changes.

You big chopped. You razzled and dazzled the crowds with your sassy short hair. You unleashed the super in your natural. You tried out your first protective style. Then boom! Hair growth! All of a sudden the wash and go is not going as planned…neither are your finger coils…or anything else you perfected your first 6 months of growth. Life will force you to create a new normal. All growth requires change. You are going to have to try something new, something you have never done before, something you have never even considered before. Growth requires an open mind and a willingness to change.

4. You will need time.

All those styles that you love take time. Going natural has trade offs like anything else. People will tell you how much money and time you are going to save from going to a salon every week or two weeks. You are now the salon. You will take time to watch videos and read blogs. You will scroll feeds, and then you will have to actually do it. You will pre-poo, co-wash, and deep condition. You will use oils, creams, and gels. (My personal favorites come from the love of people product line.)* None of this will be as quick and easy as you think. You may not spend hours under the hair dryer, but you will absolutely spend hours waiting for your hair to dry. Braiding, twisting, knotting, and curling will take hours of your life. The process does get easier. The process does get quicker, but that too takes time.

5. Find someone with your hair.

Natural Hair Twist Out

Find someone whose curls look like your curls. Find someone whose texture looks like your texture. Find someone who rocks a look that you can rock. You rock a look that they can rock. Trade tips and how-tos. I am a 4c girl. I need to know what products and styles work on 4c hair. Not all products and styles are created equal. I need to know what works for me.

That being said, enjoy the entire community – from waves and loose barrel curls to kinky curly afros. We have all chosen the same journey. Love their curls the way you love your curls. Love your curls the way you love their curls. Learn from her, learn from me, and then take the time to contribute your own knowledge.

We are all in this together.


*I received $0 for talking about the Devacut, Baby Bangz salon, or the love of people. I am sharing my honest opinion one curly girl to another.


What are some thing you wish someone would have told you before going natural?

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Going Natural 101 - 5 Things No One Ever Told Me

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  1. Brittany, both you and your daughter look gorgeous! Your journey has been a joy to read about and to follow! I LOVE your natural curls! There’s a new (rated -MA) movie on Netflix that captures this process in a woman’s life, beginning with trying to keep her hair straight. There’s a scene where she just shaves her hair off – and as she used the clippers and wept over all the expectations and emotions that were tied up in her heart about her hair and social expectations and trying to be perfect, I cried right along with her, because it captured such raw female emotion about trying to measure up and look perfect. You might enjoy the movie. It was powerful! It spoke to me. You are beautiful inside and out! God bless you, sister!

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