Curly Hairstyles – a Style Guide for All Winter Occasions

Sweater weather is here… so are office parties, friends’ Christmas parties, family Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve gatherings, New Year’s Day gathering, and so many other festivities that accompany the winter season.

I live by the motto that, “Your hair is your best accessory.”  With so many winter occasion photo opportunities, every curly girl needs to have as many “curls poppin” days as possible.  I have pulled together my resources to provide my top curly hairstyles for this winter.

 1.  Pull it up.

I accidentally left the house with my hair pulled away from my face running out the door for work one day.   It was during a sing when I was doing 7 straight days of live videos.  (I NEVER go live mind you.)  My friends LOVED it.

Wearing your hair up is a perfect style for the winter season. It is simple. It highlights your natural beauty. The headwrap can even add another dimension. | #naturalhair | #naturalyhairstyles | #curlyhair | #curlyhairstyles | #headwrap | #winterhair | #curlyhaircare
Fruit of the Spirit Shirt comes from Called to Edify Boutique

Maybe it was the scarf.  Maybe it was the bangs.  Maybe it was just the curls on the top of my head.  Whatever it was, people enjoyed this specific look, and they made sure I knew it.  I highly recommend it for a boost to the ego.

The same goes for my 4-year old.  I get the most compliments in stores from strangers,  from family members, and, in general, when her curls are piled up high.

Nothing accentuates beauty more than hair pulled away from the face. | #curlyhaircare | #curlspoppin | #naturalhair | #naturalhairsytles | #curlyhairstlyes | #naturalhairedbeauty | #naturalkids

2.  Accessorize it.

So…they have these pom beanies out there that are absolutely adorable.  I was all ready to purchase some to take mommy and me photos.  They are NOT for curly hair…natural hair…or big hair of any sort.  I wanted the beanies to work so badly, and every time I tried one on my daughter or myself, it was a FAIL.

However, plenty of other accessories are wins.  In my house, we embrace headbands of all types.  We have all colors – grey, black, white, and various patterns and mixes.  We have Christmas themed.  We have New Year’s themed,…and we have hats!  I prefer a hat that does not stretch to accommodate the volume but rather suppresses the volume temporarily.  These Santa hats do just the job…and I have a few weeks more to take full advantage of them.

Accessories always add the perfect extra for winter occasions | #hairaccessories | #christmashair | #holidayhair | #winterhair | #curlyhairstyles | #mommyandme | #christmaspajamas | #kidchristmasphotos | #toddlerchristmasphotos | #christmascheer

3.  Braid it.

Faux locs, box braids, feed-ins, and weaves all work.  Braid it up, and then rock it for a few weeks or a few months.  Give your curly hair the gift of a protective style this winter.  You will NOT regret it.

Faux Locs are one of my favorites for the winter season | Curly Hairstyles | Protective Styling | Protective Styles | Winter Hair | Natural Hair Styles | Natural Hair Care | Curly Hair Care
Braids by Bri Cherise

4.  Wear it out.

Wear your curls as is.  They are the perfect curly hairstyle.  Sadly, so many in the curl community STRAIGHTEN their hair for winter occasions and many other special occasions.  I am not against straightened hair for a different look. I do not want straight hair, however, to be the only way that curly girls can feel beautiful.

Wear your curls in their natural state this winter - Let it fro!! | Natural Hairstyles | Naturalistas | Natural Hair Care | Curly Hair Care | Curly Hairstyles | Mommy and Me | Christmas Photo | Mommy and Me photo

Rock your crown of curls.  Relish your crown of curls.  Show off your crown of curls.


If you have not yet found the right mix of curly hair products to highlight your curly hairstlye, I highly recommend three of my favorites all courtesy of the love of people.

The Love of People offers so many products perfect for natural hair care and curly hairstyles. Check out these three of my absolute favorites! | Curly Hairstyles | Curly Hair Products | Curly Hair Care | Natural Hair Care | Natural Hair Products | Natural Hairstyles

  1. Bounce Back daily primer wets/re-wets hair and holds the moisture in to get rid of flat curls, frizzy curls or curls that have lost a little life.
  2. Control is great for pulling back ponytails, holding edges down and defining curls.
  3. XXIVK (24-carat) is my absolute favorite go-to product.  If I could use only one hair care product (besides water), this would be my product of choice.  It works for my 4c natural curls and my Brazilian curly weave.  Besides retaining moisture for DAYS, it smells great and leaves my hair looking amazing.  It is just what my curly hairstlyes need for any winter hair occasion.


What curly hairstyles do you recommend for the winter festivities?

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Finally, Mya and I are taking our curls to take on Disney this coming March.  I would love to see some of you join us for a luxury getaway.  Check out the Mommy and Me Ultimate Disney Getaway Details here. (Update: Registration is CLOSED)

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31 thoughts on “Curly Hairstyles – a Style Guide for All Winter Occasions

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  1. I went natural a few years ago and LOVE it! My hair shrinks quite a bit, so my styles are limited, but my go-to styler is Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic. Consistent, moisturized, shiny curls with natural ingredients.

    Great post! Y’all look fabulous!



    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never used Uncle Funky’s Daughter before. Where did you purchase it. I went natural about a year and a half ago, and we currently have a love/hate relationship depending on what my hair decides to do in the morning. With the onset of track season, I decided a bit of rest and weave was perfect for now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. My staple styles are either two braids which I must admit is my staple or I straighten it. I have found over the years that whenever I try to wear it curly it only lasts one day. It’s easier for me just to straighten it once during wash day and pin curl it. I love the Fruit of the Spirit T-shirt and all the cute pictures in this blog!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem at all! I am glad to be of service. She is growing daily. At first, she was a small, local business but she has definitely gotten much bigger over the past few years. Her products are amazing. I just won three more of my favorites in an unrelated giveaway yesterday. #elated!


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