When No One is Watching

Who are you when no one is watching | Inspiration | Motivation | Self-Talk

I cannot silence the noise.  Deadlines are staring me in the face.  Upstairs is a mess.  The laundry is in piles – one clean and one dirty.  My kids want to play.  I want to relax.  The blog needs attention.

Even when I am “resting,” my mind is racing.  I cannot silence the noise.

When I am all by myself, when it is just me and my thoughts, when no one is watching, I cannot get my mind to SHUT-UP!

When no one is watching, when I only have to concern myself with me, I cannot turn down the volume.


Since I cannot silences the noise, or get my mind to SHUT-UP, or turn down the volume, I make a conscious decision to carefully craft the words I say to myself.  I look on my night stand and there is one of my few book purchases.

She is successful. She is smart. She is ambitious. She is powerful. She is bold.

“She is creative.  She is beautiful.  She is evolving.  She is unstoppable.  She is accepted.”  The list goes on.  I begin to replace the “she” with “I” and add in my own.

I am enough.  I am joy.  I am peaceful.  I am graceful…I am light.  I am love.

As I speak this life into myself, I begin to calm down.


The problem so many have today is that we immerse ourselves in social media.  We immerse ourselves in our careers.  We immerse ourselves in our brands and our blogs, in our husbands, children, and families.  We immerse ourselves in our students and our athletes.

But when no one is watching, when the lights go off, we cannot get our minds to do the same.  There is something we should be doing, somewhere we should be going, someone we should be meeting.  We create physical and mental to-dos.  Thus, we turn on televisions, music, and phones to blot out the noise our minds refuse to stop making.  We run from who we are when no one is watching because we feel “she” is not “remarkable…or loving…or a trailblazer…or a game-changer..or kind…”

We would rather not look at her right now.  We would rather not address her right now.  We do not have time for her right now.  All she will do is remind us of who we are not, and we do not need that reminder so we drown her out any way we can.  We are not all that sure we like the “her” in the mirror.

We beat her up. We tear her down.  We become our own worst enemy when no one is watching.

Or maybe it is just me.


So today as I wake up with a full 6 hours of sleep and already completely exhausted, I decide to feed my thoughts different food.  I step over the laundry and look past the mess.  The deadline will still be there.  The kids will still be there.  My husband, family, students, and athletes will still be there, but who do I have to offer them??

I discover that who I have to offer is directly related to who I am when no one is watching, who I am when it is just me, who I am before the lights come on.

“[I] am important.  [I] am great.  [I] am capable. [I] am quality. [I] am inspirational.”

Now it is your turn.  Who are you when no one is watching?


What do you tell yourself when no one is watching?

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Who are you when no one is watching? | Inspirational | Motivational | Positive Self-Talk

16 thoughts on “When No One is Watching

  1. When I was 19 and working my first job, my supervisor gave me some very valuable advice about the work that had to be done. She said if we didn’t get done that day, don’t worry about it; it will still be there tomorrow. I took her words at face value, and I still operate that way on anything that is not a fixed deadline by a boss.
    When no one is watching, my mind is either analyzing problems, fretting about the problem, or remembering to talk to God about the problem. Sometimes I realize that God has allowed the problem because He wants me to write about it. Then, once I get it all written, I feel like I can let it go.
    I do have insecurities now and then, but they are usually a fear of rejection, not the desire to be someone else. I just want to be loved for who I am. The Lord reminds me that He does love me that way, even if others do not.

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    1. Yes. I love His quiet reminders. It’s the deadlines and feeling unprepared if the work doesn’t get done or exhausted if it does because of the hours I put in that concern me, but I know, like you said, that sometimes I need to let the work go, and let God take care of the rest without beating myself up the whole time.

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      1. I read somewhere once that God gives us the strength each day to do everything He wants us to do. Sometimes, if we’re honest with ourselves, we really haven’t run everything by Him and have planned too much to do without asking for His wisdom for the day.

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  2. I want to be the same person when others are watching that I am when no one is watching. I want to show God’s love and light at all times. Although I may fail at times, there is always the next moment to pick myself up, dust my dirt off and start again. 🙂

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  3. I loved this…and I used to be pretty damn amazing…even when I was a single Mom to 3 teens and working full time..but now in my 60s I’m not feeling so amazing…I’m trying to find my amazing again…


  4. I am so exhsusted right now, I can’t put words together to respond adequately. I am keeping this in my inbox so I can return to it because I so need to listen to and hear what you are saying in this post. Thank you for this. What you are saying here is so important.

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  5. Hello Brittany its me and you already know quite a lot about me. I have gone through all the things that goes with family: husbands, kids, laundry ect. Actually I am unable to tell exactly, what I tell myself when no one is watching. Sure if I am upset I try to do things like what you do, to lift myself up. But the main thing I do, be it happy, sad, angry or what ever mood I get into, I look up to God and pray. Praying is my way of asking for guidance/help and what ever that goes on with my life. I know you are aware of many thing, be done. Will it be a little less stressful, if you cut down on some of the extra things you can do later in life and keep to minimum as possible. Organizing goes a long way in bringing peace to the mind. I may be wrong as I am not aware exactly what your situation is. This is my thoughts. As always I will keep you in my prayers and wish you all the best in your life. May God Bless you ❤

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    1. Yes. I work as hard as I can go cut out all of the things that must be done to the bare minimum. It’s tough for me to cut when deadlines are staring me in the face and I have growing children, a marriage, and sanity to protect in order to sustain my peace BUT PRAYER. Prayer does allow for peace. Thanks so much for that gentle reminder.

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