Simplifying Your Life as a Busy Mommy

I spend so much time spinning my wheels. I feel like I run around all day from task to task and accomplish very little. Today, for example, I worked. I picked up the kids from school. I drove across town to eat dinner with my husband’s team before their last game of the season, and then I fell asleep on the couch before I could accomplish anything else. I could have accepted that I needed rest, except I fell asleep yesterday in the middle of watching a movie with the family. Two nights in a row of no laundry. Two nights in a row of unfinished to-do lists. Two nights in a row of no lesson planning. Two nights in a row of past due deadlines for blog posts, Instagram posts, and newsletters. There was no time to fall asleep. There was work to do.

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I have been working tirEDly to simplify my life as a busy mommy. I am in the process of adopting a minimalist mindset. While I have not mastered minimalism by any stretch of the imagination, I am working towards eliminating the excess. I have become content with the life mantra, “all you need is less.” And I am setting the foundation for a life that is more in the moment.

With that said, I am constantly learning from others. Antonia, from Balancing through Simplicity, has so many wonderful anecdotes to offer about how to live a minimalist lifestyle. As a busy mommy, I find her tips for simplifying life so refreshing. Recently, she shared a piece on 7 Things You Should Do on Sunday to Setup a Productive Week Ahead. As I strive to overcome overwhelmed, her thoughts provided a sense of calm before entering into what could have been a chaotic working mom schedule.

So for all the other busy mommies out there seeking to simplify your life, I share with you here Antonia’s wisdom.


Do you go into Monday’s dreading the week?  Are you worn out before you get to the end of the day., let alone the end of the week?  Do you struggle to juggle everything that needs to be done?  Would you rather be super-organised and ready for anything but without spending loads of time planning and preparing?  Check out this post on 7 things you should do on Sunday for a productive week ahead!


What do you do to simplify your life as a busy mommy?

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Simplifying Your Life as a Busy Mommy | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #simplifyingyourlife #minimalistlife #minimalistliving #busymommy #busymom #momlife #motherhood #parenting

14 thoughts on “Simplifying Your Life as a Busy Mommy

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  1. I’ve simplified my lifestyle lots and would consider myself a minimalist. I’d say don’t beat yourself over not getting what you believe has to be done in that moment. It’ll get done when it does. Love your socks!!


  2. Wonderful post! I think the majority of us mommas struggle in this area. I have very much felt the same way as you and also desire to change some things in and attempt to not be so overwhelmed. God can give us wisdom in this area 🙂 Thank you for sharing!


  3. I like that, Brittany, “All you need is less!” That’s truly what it boils down to. There’s so much we try to cram in every day that isn’t necessary and ends up stressing us and our families out. Thanks for this challenge, my friend! I’ll be pinning!


  4. I can relate to that moment when you know you should rest but you push through instead. My life could use more pause. Simplifying is a beautiful thing.


      1. Girl this is totally my life. Im going to check out her tips because chile I need em. I’m getting better but like one of your older post I have to give myself skme grace. Thanks for sharing my love.

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  5. Hello, new here and looking for friends. I am a newly turned minimalist and I just started blogging! Simple living is what I am aiming for. New state and 5 kids. Hope we can learn from each other


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