Less is More


I ran across this quote on my Instagram page, and I immediately fell in love, reposted, and began to marinate on the meaning.

How much of my time do I spend focusing on more when all I need is less? More promo, more followers, more items off my to-do list, more work done at home, more household tasks done, more time with my children, more money, more vacation, more shopping, more cooking, morehubbytimemoreclothesmoredevomorefeedinteractionmoresocialmedia…MORE MORE MORE!!!

And I could not understand why I could not catch up. I could not understand why there was never enough time to get it all done. I could not understand why so much of my life was spent in details and not in the important stuff.

And there it was in plain black and white:

All you need is less.

How often have I sacrificed my time, energy, and health to more when I really needed less?  As a result, I have reinstated my end of the year resolutions.  Here are my top 5 items where I will exchange more for less.  I also suggest that you create your own end of the year list of “less” resolutions.

5.  Less work. More play.
This began the moment I decided my to-do list wore me out daily, and I embarked on the #busyboycottchallenge.  I took work at home off my to-do list.  I learned how to get it done at work and leave it there.  How many times do we, as parents, businessmen and women, or spouses bring our work home to finish up on all the details we could not complete for “lack of time” at work?  One of the advantages of NOT working from home is the ability to leave work at work.  I have already spent a majority of my day there, away from my husband, my children, and my hobbies.  I have only a few precious hours left.  I will NOT spend even one more minute of my evening adding to my already 8-hour+ work day.  Been there.  Done that.  Over it.  That is all.

4.  Less stuff.  More experiences.
Society had at some point convinced me that I needed a bigger house, bank account, closet, and accompanying clothes.  I needed the latest computers, phones, and televisions.  I had to perfectly accessorize both my household and my wardrobe for every season and occasion .  My identity was tied to how much I could attain.

Then, my bank account started to feel the impact of my luxurious living, and I had to do a few cuts.  My sister shared with me an article that she read about attaining peace of mind and how fewer decisions in the morning concerning my clothing and day to day affairs decreases stress significantly.  She continued by saying that many of the items I constantly clean , organize, and put away could probably use a new home.  While I was quite skeptical about this “minimalism” concept she introduced to me, I thought I could at least try it out.

The influence on my life came almost immediately.  I spend less time cleaning, straightening, and labeling, and more time enjoying life.  We go to the park.  We paint pumpkins.  We play games.  We live.  We laugh.  We love.


I thought I would feel less confident using the same 33 pieces/capsule wardrobe (at least my twisted take on it).  Instead, quite the reverse has taken place.  I love all the items I choose for my seasons.  I feel great because I look great as superficial as I may sound.  I choose items that fit well and colors that flatter my skin tone.  My overall confidence has improved drastically, and people have complimented me more as a result.  As a working mom, I RELISH a compliment.  Hearing people randomly stop to tell me that I am absolutely beautiful – male and female – never gets old.  All because I decided on LESS.

3.  Less comparison.  More gratitude.
I am terrible about comparing myself to other bloggers, mothers, and friends.  Social media makes this extremely simple, and I have to make a conscious effort to detox every once in a while.  I have to ignore my own stats, “good” or “bad” as both terms are relative and just live my life.  I must appreciate all that I have been blessed with.   At times, I have to follow my own advice and concern myself with numbers that count. Concern myself with experiences that count.  Concern myself with people that count.  Concern myself with my own life because in the end, all we have is what we have. We only have one shot at today.  I must make it a good one.

2.  Less hate.  More love.
The world around me is consumed in a presidential election.  People spend time bashing candidates on both sides, losing friends, dividing families.  The same goes for the killings of innocent black males and professional athletes’ approaches in support of those lives.  People are angry.  People are dying.  Everywhere I look is hate.  Hate because of a political perspective.  Hate because of a skin color – black or white.  Hate because of a career…

I was pulled over today.  And not even for one second was I afraid to die.  I was angry at the cop.  I was terrified of the ticket I could not afford to pay.  But never once did it cross my mind, that this could be it.  I cannot begin to imagine the thoughts from the cop’s perspective.  I cannot begin to imagine thoughts from a black male perspective.  I only know my own reality.

And that is why I need less hate…Because all I know is me.  And I need the world to accept me as is…Me.  My reality. My perspective.  I need them to love me as I am.

In turn, I must learn to love them as they are.  I must learn to love more than I hate.  We must learn to love more than we hate.

1. Less Me.  More God.
I spend plenty of time caught up in my own thoughts, my own agenda, my own ordinarily extraordinary.  My prayers focus on how God can help me with my crazy students,  how He can guide me to inner peace and balance, how He can help me transition to less.  And God smiles.  He rolls his eyes and asks, “Is that all, Brittany? I am God and that is all you want?”

He then grants my requests, beams as I laugh like a little kid and dance around while embracing all of my answer prayers, then taps me on the shoulder and whispers, “You forgot something my love.”  I stop in my tracks.  What in the world did I forget?  I literally pray about everything.

You forgot your life is not about you.  It’s about Me.

Follow Me.  I will lead you into less.  I have got a handle on your less.  I can do less.  All you need is less….And you will discover…

Less is more.


What are some ways that you are embracing “less”?  What are some of your end of the year resolutions?

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31 thoughts on “Less is More

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  1. I try to lead the minimalist lifestyle in everything I own: furniture, wardrobe, eating, tools, cosmetics, and so on. Sure makes it easier to find stuff and saves money!

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  2. My end of the year resolution is to be consistent in things I’ve started. The more I’m consistent with those the more I can eliminate what doesn’t matter.

    I need to start the less me more of you God. Even with the recent blog post I wrote, this is a reminder for me to do less. Thank you for the reminder. Also do you mind sharing the article you’ve read.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hmmm…Let me see. My sister started here: http://bemorewithless.com/project-333/. That was the clothing items. I cannot remember where she read the information about eliminating the number of things you have to do in the mornings. We read so much information between the two of us and discuss and share what we are learning. (I know. My college professors would FREAK OUT for not citing all of the sources of information.) My favorite “mega” minimalist bloggers are bemorewithless.com and http://www.becomingminimalist.com/. Hope this helps!

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  3. Everything on your list, Brittany resonates with me in my life right now. For me less anger/more love is very important. I spent most of my time in the corporate world being annoyed because I was not in control of anything. I didn’t have a say in my tasks, I was working for someone else’s agenda and on top of it, I didn’t believe in what I was doing. All of this created a great deal of stress and bitter feelings on my part. It took nearly having an emotional breakdown for me to realize this anger has to go and I have to be open to love. Now, my priority is my family. That is what is important. Thank you for this wonderful piece!

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  4. This was awesome and really spoke to me. I have been working living with less and it is totally freeing to be free of some of the stuff and clutter in our lives. I have been also working on living with more God and contentment. Knowing and trusting that He provides all I need and not to be concerned with the rest.
    I had never heard of end of the year resolutions, but I love it. My husband and I will definitely have to do that. There are some goals we want to reach and things we want to set up for the new year. And that is a great way to stay commited to doing it. Thanks for such truth and authenticity.


    1. Absolutely. I just made up end of the year resolutions actually last year. I felt as though I did not want to be tied to making life changing decisions in January. Thanks for reading. Let me know how your goal setting and achieving turns out.


  5. Great post! Lots of good points!
    I’m glad you got over that “stuff lie” (number 2). Stuff is so overrated. I am so much happier with my less stuff; I’d rather take my kids somewhere to do something together or help someone in need or go on a date with my husband than spend all that money on stuff that I then have to take care of. Yeah. What you said. Good points! 🙂


  6. Hi, Brittany

    I’m all about productivity, which is why this post spoke to me. I have nearly burned myself out by trying to balance full-time work, a health coaching business, my older daughter’s copious doctor’s appointments, etc.

    Luckily, I was able to quit corporate to spend more time with family. I will do my best to be “more present, less productive”. A cluttered home drives me nuts, so working from home will be a challenge.

    Maybe I should read “The Magic of Tidying Up”, and complete by January… Visiting from #smallvictoriesSunday


    1. Thanks so much! I just finished reading your blog also about your mind, body, and soul challenge. I could definitely use some restoration in that area. I’m currently working Bikini Body Mom Challenge for the body part but I could use some help in the mind and soul areas.

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  7. All you need is less. That is a true statement. It is something that I want to be sure to teach my three children. Thanks for the post.


  8. Just the thought makes lifts a weight of one’s chest!
    Hi there! Hope you are well.
    I have noticed that stuff often begets more trouble than joy. I’ve nt always been good at it, but I have been trying to curate the stuff around me to things that make me happy and for sure- all I needed was less.


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