All at Once

Dear Mom and Dad ~

I have never actually watched the entire movie The Fault in Our Stars.  I have seen bits and pieces, but I have definitely heard, remembered, and fondly embraced the quote:

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” John Green (Source)

The words hold true about many of the new phases we encounter in life.  So many of the moments that change our lives forever happen before we know what hit us.  Perhaps so we cannot object.  Perhaps so we do not have time to worry, fret, and create useless preparations.  Some events are tragic.  Others are magical.  Either way, they change us forever for better or for worse.

I was not prepared for fall this year.  Perhaps I have noticed all of the subtle changes more because I began to document my life (both internal changes and external).  Perhaps my senses are more acute in this self-proclaimed transition period.  Whatever the case, nothing prepared me for right now.  Or perhaps my entire life prepared me for right now.

Either way.  Here we are.  And here he is:


One day, I’m living my life – painting pumpkins, grading papers, trying to establish a new exercise routine, raising children, enjoying marriage.  The next day, I am trying to figure out how in the world life will be with the addition of a new little boy.  Wondering if he should call me mom, if he will live with us forever or just a short while, if he will transition easily new living arrangement or if he will turn our little world upside down.

And we began to pray – my husband, you two, my sisters, my sisters-in-law (sister-in-laws?), and me.  As we prayed, God worked.  And as God worked, He began to reveal to me some truths that I will now share.

  1. Learn from the best.  You taught me this.  You taught me that when family is in trouble, you help.  You take them in.  You lend a helping hand.  You have no promises as to the end result.  You do what God asks, and you keep moving forward.  So hold your heads high.  Your daughters, ALL of us, learned from the best.  We learned from you.
  2. Everything will be fine.  You are worried.  That is your job.  That is what makes you good parents.  You have no idea what the future has in store for us.  You want to protect us from any heartache we could possibly experience.  You feel as though you have lived this story before.  You did not like the ending.  He wants you to know, the story is not over.  That is why He sent us Jimmie.  He wants you to see you did it.  If we did not have him living with us, you could never see that your faith has saved a new generation of children.
  3. The best is yet to come.  A few weeks ago, this song popped into my head randomly, and I had to look up the lyrics.
Hold on, my brother, don’t give up.
Hold on, my sister, just look up.
There is a master plan in store for you if you just make it through.
God’s gonna really blow your mind.
He’s gonna make it worth your time.
For all of the trouble you’ve been through, the blessings doubled just for you.
The best is yet to come.
Today is the first day of the best days of your life…
~ Donald Lawrence.

Yesterday I heard that same song three times on the way to pick up Jimmie.  And we all know I believe in neither coincidences nor the insignificance of the number 3.  Especially when I NEVER play music in my car.  And then I went to buy him some clothes, and I found a shirt (or maybe the shirt found me) that said “The Best is Yet to Come.

I love both of you dearly, and I know you are concerned about the things that happen to your daughters all at once.  But I am here to remind you that extraordinary lessons you taught us, that you disguised as ordinary life, did everything to prepare us for today.  Life, just as love, happens slowly and then all at once.  And when all at once occurs, we learn from the best, know that everything will be fine, and rest peacefully in the assurance that the best is yet to come.

Love Always,

Brittany 🙂


What are some all at once events that have forever shaped who you are?

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