Living LARGE through Little Things

I was all prepared to slay giants.  I mean, I received my shirt.  I accepted my mission, and here I was ready to slay giants.  I waited, and I waited, and nothing…

Sometimes, we are super prepared to slay giants, but we really need to master the little things.

Not one giant anywhere in sight…


My sister-in-law and I had a conversation where she stated that she attended a conference about running a successful business.  During the conference, she learned that the most effective people spend only 20-25% of their day putting out fires.  That means that only 20-25% percent of life is spent addressing giants.  The remaining 75-80% is spent on day to day affairs.

75% percent is spent on the little things…

Like playing hide-and-go seek with your children.

Like watching a movie and eating your favorite meal as a day date with your husband because you missed date night for two straight weeks.

Like catching up on much needed sleep.

Like trying to muster up some strength to make the word wall your son keeps begging you to create.

Like reading the same book over and over your daughter.

Like smiling as you look through your son’s backpack and see that his “Braden book” has made the cut of books he reads during silent reading at school.


I received a copy of this “Braden book,” Braden in the Lion’s Den compliments of MeBookz.*  For those unfamiliar with the story, Braden’s character in the Bible is named Daniel.  He earned favor in the eyes of the king, which made some people jealous.  They conspired to find a way to kill Daniel, and they found it in the “little thing” that Daniel did every day.  Daniel was just living his life.  He was doing what he always does.  He was praying the way he always prayed, every day…same time, same place.  He was busy being himself.  Next thing he knows, he finds himself face to face with lions.  Yet, as he stood face to face with his inevitable demise, he continued to do the “little thing” that made him who he was.  He continued to pray.  He continued to live life as usual, and he watched as God shut the mouth of the lions.  He watched as God used him slay giants.

The little things shut the mouths of lions. The little things slay giants.

We have convinced ourselves that slaying giants requires huge acts of monumental faith.  It requires moving large mountains, overcoming insurmountable odds, doing what has never been done…all true…but we forget that none of this comes over night.

It starts with the 75%.  It starts with the day to day.  It starts with doing exactly what it is that you were called to do one small moment at a time.

Jimmie painted a picture of Mya and him on his birthday.  He came home and asked me to hang it on the wall – the wall that has a canvas of daddy and Mya, a canvas of Braden and Mya, a canvas of mommy and Mya.  He needed to make the wall.  I took a photo of Mya and Jimmie in front of his painting.  The canvas of Jimmie and Mya that is on its way to our living room wall….That is the little things.

Adopted children need to feel like they belong as much as anyone else in the family. Ensuring that this inclusion feeling happens definitely play a role in slaying giants.

The track team volunteered at a small, local fun run.  One of the distance runners decided last minute to bring out the bell to ring on the final lap of the mile.  After the race, the wife of the winner came up and thanked us for bringing out that bell.  She said she her husband just spoke the night before of how on tv, they ring the bell for the final lap, and he would be so excited if they rang the bell for the winner’s final lap.  We rang the bell for her husband, the winner, on his final lap…just like he saw on television.  That is the little things.

It is telling the teacher that she is the reason her son made it through high school math…

It is writing a blog when you cannot figure out what exactly God wants you to say…

It is the husband who does everything he can so that his wife does not have to worry about a thing when she gets home…

It is the talented art student who draws a track photo for her math teacher…

If we take the time to focus on our true talents, we can find joy in the little things.

It is sharing something good that you overheard someone say about someone else…

It is complimenting the beauty you see in someone else…

It is planting and watering seeds in people that you may never get the chance to see grow…


We think that Daniel shut the mouth of lions because he was this great man of faith…

We know that David killed the giant with the help of one small stone, and one big God.

We think that these people were out there doing huge things, living out these larger than life miracles ALL THE TIME.

Really, they were just being themselves.  Daniel was at his house, minding his own business, praying the way he always prays.

David was out in the field tending to his sheep.  He was living right inside the realm of his 75%.

Life does not need our help.  God does not need our help.  He needs us to do the 75%.  He needs the day in and day out – the thing we consider ordinary.

He cannot use us until we have mastered ordinary.  He cannot use us until our obedience is second nature, until our calling is second nature, until our day to day is second nature.  He cannot use us for BIG THINGS until we have dominated the little things.

He needs only a mustard seed…something so small…something so seemingly insignificant.  He needs only your little thing…

to move mountains.

…to shut the mouths of lions.

…to slay giants.


What are some little things that you have seen slay giants?

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75% of your days are spent doing what you consider ordinary in life. 75% of your life is made up of moments which define who you are. 75% of your moments culminate to shut them mouths of lions and ... slay giants.


Want your own “Braden book” customized for your little one?  Check out MeBookz to see your child come to life in the Lion’s Den, the Red Sea, or so many others.*


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36 thoughts on “Living LARGE through Little Things

Add yours

    It’s so easy to get discouraged waiting for our BIG MISSION from God, and miss the tiny moments! I love ” it’s planting and watering seeds in people we may never get to see grow…”

    oh! How the truth works us over! Even when I do my part, it’s not about me at all…

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    1. It is NEVER about me, even when God gives me the glimpse of my role in the bigger picture. He can bless us and use us at the same time. Even better, He can use us and hide how He’s doing it so we won’t somehow mess it up.


  2. You hit it out of the ballpark, giant slayer! 😁 A couple of ideas: sometimes our giant IS our ordinary, one big, sluggish, boring giant, laying on the living room floor, or stretching out for miles in front of us at rush hour, or staring us in the face at 9 am when we’d rather be at home in bed.
    Also, no matter whether it’s the giant of the 75 or the giant of the 25, we could say that our giant is 10 feet tall, or 120 inches tall. They’re the same, but our perception of them is different hearing one as opposed to the other.
    I perceive that you are a woman of wisdom and of words. I wouldn’t be surprised if those wise words are finding their mark in the hearts and minds of your local peeps as well as your online peeps. Keep practicing with that verbal slingshot so you’ll be ready in the times of adversity. ❤ Blessings! 😊

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  3. He cannot use us until we have mastered ordinary. He cannot use us until our obedience is second nature, until our calling is second nature, until our day to day is second nature. He cannot use us for BIG THINGS until we have dominated the little things.

    We need so much to dominate the little things resting well without thoughts of all the things we could be doing, praying for you husband that he remains strong for the difficult journey ahead, reading the word and praying consistently for the Lord’s will to be done, and serving the Lord with all our hearts souls and minds in every little thing we do.

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  4. Hi Brittany,

    I believe your sister is right: It’s the little things that matter most.

    I love the story of Daniel because it has some many perspectives.

    There’s a lot of beauty in the ordinary once we see it 🙂

    God bless!
    Edna Davidsen.

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  5. What an encouragement this is! I feel like my life right now is running around making sure I’m accomplishing everything I need to in order to succeed. But you are so right – God didn’t design us to continually do crazy amazing things. It’s in the quiet moments and the day-to-day of trusting Him when we’ll grow and see Him. Yes in the big moments, too, but we shouldn’t seek out the big moments just to feel accomplished, right?

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  6. “We have convinced ourselves that slaying giants requires huge acts of monumental faith. It requires moving large mountains, overcoming insurmountable odds, doing what has never been done…all true…but we forget that none of this comes over night.”

    I love this quote. It reminds us that the stuff we often consider to be in the way is really the important stuff! What a great post! God bless!

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  7. I’m in the midst of reading and rereading; in playing and feeling like I’m not doing “great things.” Thank you for this encouraging reminder that great things happen in the midst of the faithful mundane.

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    1. I’m just noticing I did not respond. You are absolutely welcome. I think of the verse, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much,…” We’ve just got to start with faithful in the small. He can always work with our “mundane.”

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  8. Love this!
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, success will eventually happen from taking those baby steps. God knows us more than we know our selves and he indeed wants the best for us. Just like with the story of the 5 talents we first need to prove that we can indeed handle the little we have been blessed with and then watch the master pour out his blessings.

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  9. You once again have spoken to my heart in a real and powerful way. I must focus more on my ordinary so I am ready to slay my giants when necessary. David is one of my favorite people in the Bible because although he was anointed at an early age it took time for him to get appointed. He had to live through the ordinary to become the great king was to become.

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    1. I though I responded to this weeks ago, but clearly I didn’t. David is the perfect example. He slayed that giant super early, and received His anointing in his childhood, but He didn’t become King until much later. Love it 💕


  10. Such a great perspective – to remember that for most of us the bulk of what God has called us to do is “ordinary” day to day things. But even those seemingly small things we can do with a servant’s heart, with peace, joy, kindness… with all the beauty that comes from the Lord.

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  11. Hi Brittany,

    Welcome to #MomentsofHope! What a gift of hope your blog is ♥ I love looking at life in this way because it is true. It is so easy to get caught up in the belief that only the big mountains matter and that we need to accomplish them NOW. Thank you for the reminder and for joining me ♥
    Blessings and smiles,

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