No Hustle, No Sleep, No Repeat

“What do you do when you’ve done all you can and seems like it’s never enough?  Child you just stand when there’s nothing left to do.  You just stand.  Watch the Lord see you through.  After you’ve done all you can, you just stand.” – Donnie McClurkin

I posted a picture of a newspaper article announcing my husband’s new position.  I do not know the date nor the time of the article.  I have never actually seen the article, only a picture that my husband forwarded to me at my request.  So I made him my #mcm…6 months after the actual position was offered and accepted.  We had already made our social media announcements.  I posted it just because I love him, and I am excited about the upcoming football season.  I expected nothing.  The response I received – breathtaking…


But what do you do when the response is not so breath-taking, when you hustle, sleep, repeat and see minimal change if any at all?  What do you do when you are exhausted, at the end of your rope, and the results do not reflect any of your hard work?

I look around me, and I see all these bloggers with huge followings who started way after I did.  I see people who graduated after I did who are doctors, and nurses, and engineers.  They are running in the Olympics, coaching state championships, leading schools.  And I wonder how I got so far behind.

What did I miss?  I work so hard.  How am I so far behind when I spend all day running trying to catch up?  Where exactly am I supposed to be?  Am I doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing?  Is my best good enough?  What if I continue to put in all this effort, and no one notices?

So I pray.

It is who I am.  It is how I get through.  And the response I get is more breathtaking than all of the belated congratulations.

1. Would you continue doing all that you are doing if you knew it would only save one person?  Is hustle, sleep, repeat worth it if only one person’s life depends on you?  What if all of your writing, and your classroom, and your coaching, and your lifestyle only changes one person?  Is it worth it?

My answer was a resounding yes. I will blog once a week, spend hours in lesson planning and organization, post inspirational messages, hustle, sleep, and repeat forever if I know it would save the life of one person.

2. So He went on this time asking if I would do it for Him? Would you do it for Me?  Or the universe?  Or to make the world a better place without impacting anyone specifically simply because it was who you were called to be?

I responded that He can see me.  He does not need me to write, or teach, or post, or minister.  He knows my thoughts. But that yes, if what I am doing is what He wants me to do, then I am ready to do it. Even if the only person who sees it is Him.

3. So He continued by asking if I would do it for me? Would you do it for you?  If I told you I did not need you and neither did the universe, would you still do it?  Would you continue to write?  Would you continue to be exactly who I ask you to be if the only person you save is yourself?

And immediately I understood.

Sometimes, we are called to do things outside of our understanding. Some of you call it the universe. Some of you call it fate or destiny. I call Him God, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Mr. I am that I am Himself.

At times, our assignments do not make any sense because we are not seeing the success we see in others. We wait on miracles as a result of hard work and direct instruction…

I was recognized for an award today, the Blogger’s Recognition Award from DiviNation. Some would call that coincidence. Others would call it luck. I say it is God way of letting me know I am walking in the right direction.

I reached a new record for likes in one day on a post.

In the middle of a conversation with my sister about just where life was going and whether or not she would ever see the benefits of her hard work, she mentioned that she saw a lady bug. She said that one of the explanations for the random appearances of lady bugs is to say, “let go, and let God.”

We kept chatting, but before we could change the subject, my son interjected, “Look mommy. The rain is about to stop.”

The rain is about to stop.

My advice to bloggers, to anyone venturing into new, uncharted territory, to anyone who lives by the hustle, sleep, repeat mantra is to ask yourself three questions:

1. Would you still do it if only one person noticed?

2. Would you do it if that person was God?

3. Would you do it if the only person saved in the process was yourself?

Find yourself.  Love yourself.  Then, be yourself.

No hustle.  No sleep.  No repeat.

Just day in and day out discovering the extraordinary in your in ordinary.


What are some methods you use to keep from overworking yourself in a hustle, sleep, repeat world?  Comment below or connect with me: Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, Bloglovin.

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24 thoughts on “No Hustle, No Sleep, No Repeat

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  1. Those are great questions, Brittany. I’ve been pondering the point of blogging lately too, and have struggled with similar issues. For me, I think the key is to focus on what God has gifted me to do, and leave the numbers and comparisons to others. Thanks for this encouragement today. Visiting from Intentional Tuesday.

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    1. Lois, your comment and one other got buried in cyberspace for some reason. Thanks so much for visiting from Intentional Tuesday. I never know who actually sees the posts on there. I completely agree that we should focus on our gifts. That is all that we can really control. Have a great day!


  2. This is a great post and one I needed to see today. I often feel taken for granted and forgotten because all I do is simply expected after doing it for so long. Like you, just when I’m ready to quit, someone reminds me that what I do has a purpose even if I don’t always understand it myself.
    Thank you for this.


  3. “Find yourself. Love yourself. Then, be yourself.” That’s powerful. I really feel God speaking to me through that. I love the third question, too, about only doing what you do if the only person saved was yourself. That really resonates with me.

    Sometimes I think about my Edgy Christian blog, realizing that it is so new and wondering if that “magical” day will ever happen when thousands are reading what I have to say and are hanging on my every word, but really it isn’t about that at all. Obviously, the first thing is for the glory of God, but the other thing is because there are things inside of me that I need to process and get out regardless of whether anyone reads them or not.

    Anyway, great blog, thanks for sharing!

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    1. I am so sorry that I am just seeing this. Thanks for being so open in your response. I, of course, ask myself those same questions. I was a youth minister right before I started truly getting into blogging. And all I think to myself is how God truly used me for the area where I lived. My team and I always put together these amazing programs and sometimes only one or two people would show. We would dedicate hours and hours of our lives that we could never get back, and then I would pray that God would send the people. We would post on social media and pass out flyers, all free of charge. Then I distinctly remember God telling me, “you just continue to have programs. I will take care of the rest.” Before long, all we had to do was get the word out to a few members of the community, and hundreds will show. I was astonished. I did not get it. We had not made any tremendous changes in promotion. We had not upgraded to anything fancy for PR. God will send the people who need to see it.

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  4. Everything you talked about in this article resonates with me. I used to look around and see people being successful and wonder what’s wrong? What am I not doing? Now, I am just letting things happen. I write because I love it and it brings me joy. I hope it brings others joy as well. If I can make someone smile and think, I am doing what I believe my purpose is in the universe. I am still a work in progress.

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  5. Gorgeous. Just seeing this. Yes, I think you’ve got an ordinarily extraordinary way of viewing life. Thank you for your words, the link and for being you. I get it and I’m there with ya’.

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  6. This was great. I’ve definitely felt like this before… and I really do think sometimes I’m blogging just to save myself. This really blessed me. Thanks for your transparency!

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  7. Wonderful post luv! My answer is I have stopped hustling and bustling. I’ve let go of that way of life because it doesn’t serve anyone, not even myself. So I write consistently and I have an overall purpose and I know for sure that everything is working out for my highest good. How can it not be?

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    1. Yes! I grew up Seventh-Day Adventist. I absolutely, wholeheartedly agree with your friend that each week, we take a day of rest. I enjoy Sabbath. I cherish Sabbath. Outside of my Adventust friends (and a few Jewish friends I had when I was younger), I hardly ever hear the term. It’s so refreshing to see the “Sabbath Society.” Thank you for sharing!!

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