How to Maintain a Twist Out on Natural Hair

The longer I live in the natural hair world, the more I recognize I have much to learn. In the beginning, I strived to create the styles I saw all of the beautiful, natural hair queens rocking. Now, I see the harder part is maintaining those styles. Who wants to have perfect hair that lasts less than a day?

After much trial and error, I finally learned how best to maintain a twist out.

1. Twist hair into medium size twists at night.

This usually takes about 10-15 minutes. I normally do it while scrolling aimlessly on social media or watching whatever show my husband has on television.

2. Use a satin pillowcase, bonnet, or scarf for sleeping

Any of these or all of these work well. They prevent hair damage and hold the style in place by creating less friction with hair at night.

3. Put just a small bit of hair oil on the hair before untwisting.

Just like hair cream, this does not have to be done daily with the right oil. However, hair oil gives the style just the bit of shine and extra it needs to maintain a great twist out.

What do you do to maintain your natural hair styles?

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