Essence Fest – Holding it Down: Tips & Tricks from Moms

Influencer, Brittany Bonnafons and Jamie Johnson, Founder Black New Orleans Mom chat with host/ moderator Atoya Burleson, CEO and host of the Inside Lines Podcast about how to manage and juggle motherhood.

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  1. Where’s the “LOVE” button?! You are a natural and a “rock star” mom! I LOL’d at your “planner” reaction. You just need to find the right style for you. I designed my own pages because the pages that come with planners really didn’t work for me. Anyway, excellent conversation–and thanks for all your “extra.” As always–proud of you!!!

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    1. I actually do best with planners where I can just brain dump preferably with categories by day that I can create myself. I, However, tend to lose planners when I need them. For example, I constantly come up with “lists” at track practice where carrying a planner is simply not practical. I put a note in my phone, but that note never makes it back to the planner. I just have not found a way to get it out of my head consistently or effectively…And thank you so much for absolutely everything.

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      1. I understand that completely. That’s why I use phone and paper. One of my friends “list plans.” She literally just carries a small piece of paper in her pocket that she writes her to-dos on. I say, go with what works for you. I love paper, journals, and notebooks, so I have “planners” for almost every major function–everyday planner, faith planner, teaching/leadership planner (this one pretty much remains on work desk), writing planner. And I use the iCal, Notes and Reminders on my phone and computer too. Planner overload. LOL!

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  2. Brittany, you are one of the dopest women I know! I saw this on IG, and I didn’t have the words at the time, but I’m super excited to see you were a part of ESSENCE this year!

    I listened to all of this, and you did an amazing job. Kudos girl! Keep shining and being an inspiration to other mothers ❤

    And from one "extra" person to another, trust me, your personality is just fine lol

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