Impossible Things are Happening Every Day

img_2315Today, peace found me. Unlike much of the world, I have come to adore Mondays. They give me a fresh start, a new chance to get life going the way I picture it in my mind. Today proved no exception.

After my rant yesterday (entirely unsure where I stored all that anger), I immediately calmed down. I actually walked right into another room where my husband showed me a snippet of our president-elect telling his radical supporters to, “Stop it.” I chuckled to myself as I remembered fondly that God has a sense of humor.

On a personal note, I have no idea whether or not God frets over the results of the US presidential election. On the one hand, I know He cares for and tends to the prayers of believers. On the other hand, I know He cannot simultaneously answer prayers for parties on both sides. Someone has to lose. I do know His biggest concern comes in saving the lives of His children. Everything else is secondary.

That thought created my peace of mind. He patted me on the back for taking the time to get my true feelings out then sent in the calm. He could not send the peace without acknowledging the storm brewing inside of me. I must first recognize the storm, address the storm, and begin to confront the storm head on.  Only then could He begin to bring about the peace I needed. So He waited while I raged. He listened to all I had to say.

Then He sent in three simple reminders:

  1. He majors in impossible.  He waited for me to get it all out.  He watched as I exhausted my options.  He saw my patience run out.  He saw my temper flare.  He saw my exhaustion.  I pulled out every trick I had ever used.  I gave up…I apologized for giving up when things could be so much worse.  I explained that I just could not figure it out.  It was then He chimed in, “but I can.  I make impossible situations possible.  I create possibility out of impossibility.  I just needed you to give up.  I needed you to give it to Me.  I waited patiently as you worked tirelessly, and now I need you to watch Me work.”  From there, I watched my class settle and pay attention.  I watched my own children figure things out.  I felt layers of my anger melt away…
  2. He can speak to storms.  I just finished a devotion that emphasized the story of Jesus speaking to the winds and the waves.  He needed me to know I was angry.  He could not address my storm if I refused to believe a storm existed.  So every day for a month, He asked me to write.  I could not ignore deep-seeded feelings.  My students were driving me crazy.  My work-life balance was driving me crazy.  My presidential election was driving me crazy.  My children were driving me crazy.  So I wrote about the one person that kept me sane – my husband, and then the crazy bubbled over.  And He said, “There she is.  I’ve been waiting for you.  You’ve kept it in for so long.”  And He spoke to the anger, and hatred, and chaos the same way He talks to me.  They responded immediately.  And He said, “Brittany, I can speak to the storm.  Don’t you see?  You must simply bring the storm to Me.”
  3. Be still. My movement, at times, kept the storm brewing.  He cannot perform the impossible…He cannot calm the rage…He cannot move until I stop.  Well, He can, but nothing changes.  Sometimes, I am the problem.  I am making things worse.  He cannot work until I stop.  I am in the way.  Anyone with children recognizes that much of the work that gets done happens in their absence.  They tend to “undo” everything you just did.  Dishes you just washed. Laundry you just folded.  Rooms you just cleaned.  As much as you love them, most of the work gets done while they sleep, not because you do not love them but because most times, they are in their own way.  God cannot work until I stop moving.

So if ever you are searching for the impossible, if ever you need to calm a raging storm, take note from me…and hear the beautiful melody from Cinderella…

“Impossible things are happening everyday…”

What are some impossible moments that you have watched transform into possible?

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6 thoughts on “Impossible Things are Happening Every Day

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  1. It is good to get things off your chest, Brittany, to keep you healthy. You can only suppress your emotions for so long before it becomes detrimental. You have great faith, you can get through anything that befalls you. Being still is a continuous effort. I struggle with that. You are surrounded by your family and your friends who support you. Everything will be fine.

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  2. This is a beautiful reflection of yesterdays ‘storm’. Getting out of our own way is a great lesson to all, and something I too have been regularly reminding myself of whenever I feel the struggle mounting inside. I must allow God to work ‘through’ me, not for me, and surrender control to Divine Guidance. Thank you for sharing your resonating thoughts with us xx

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