Picture Perfect – Comparison is the Thief of Joy

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After reading the blog of one of my nearest and dearest friends, I freaked out because I did not have a purpose for my own blog.  Upon further thought, I uncovered that probably have too many purposes.  I originally wanted a blog to post directions for all of the great Pinterest photos and projects I have actually completed.  However, I quickly realized that I wanted more than just a glorified Pinterest page.

I am addicted to social media.  Let’s get the facts straight, I have little concern with the lives of celebrities – no really, less than zero.  The only time I look up the specifics of any headline is to understand the memes on social media.  I am interested instead in “real” people.  What are regular people doing?  How are they surviving this chaos we call life?  I am obsessed with reality television, even if the facts have been somewhat skewed and ignoring that most producers choose the biggest personalities for ratings.  I want to see what people are doing – not a script where people memorize lines of a predetermined story.  Instead, I want to gauge authentic reactions in a variety of scenarios.

Following that train of thought, I am quite sure the topic has been over-discussed, but I wanted to create a blog that shows that regular, real people are extraordinary even in their imperfections.  As a society, we try to remind children and even adults not to dwell on what you see on someone else’s page.  We explain that what people post is only a small part of a much bigger picture behind the scenes that may not be as pretty as the picture that they paint for the public so I created this page for a little transparency. I want every individual to know that the uniqueness of the live you live day to day is extraordinary.

My day today was as usual a list of things, half of which will remain unfinished simply because I did not feel like doing whatever task it was.  I decided that some things could wait until tomorrow when I do not have work.  For example, I still have not called my former employer for health insurance details, not because I have not had the time.  It was not something I felt excited to do so I just did not it.  I also have not called anyone concerning daycare for my baby girl, which is also currently pressing in that school starts a week from Monday and she has nowhere to go.  I have however, spent HOURS scouring Pinterest and the Internet for tiger themed ideas for my classroom and ways that I can create this theme for little to no money seeing that I have about $10 left to spend until payday Friday.

I did actually vacuum my bedroom as a weekly task, and I have washed the counters, swept the floors, taken out the trash and washed the kitchen sink every day as my Pinterest “how to keep a clean house” checklist recommended. Vacuuming one room, however, is the ONLY weekly task I have completed – no tubs, no vacuuming other rooms, no dusting, no weekly bed linen changes and no mopping. (*Sighs*)

I always think to myself, how do these mothers so it?  Perfectly clean houses, reading to the kids every night, teaching the kids numbers, and letters, and math, and sight words. They play outside and plan all of these fun learning games. They go on these amazing vacations and cook every night and decorate, all while looking absolutely flawless. They wake up at 4am to run and go to bed at a reasonable hour to make sure they get enough rest to do it all again the next day.

Wanna know what I discovered?  They don’t. Most people are just like me. They are really good at some things, and they stick to those things while treading water in other areas. Their lives are not nearly as perfect as you think they are, nor are these people even really “pretending” as some assert.

As such I shall close with three simple statements.

1. No one’s life is picture perfect.

2. We do not have to spend our lives perfecting what we see as glaring personality flaws so that we can compete with others.  As Theodore Roosevelt so eloquently pointed out, comparison is the thief of joy. (Source)

3. Everyone has something spectacular about them that comes naturally. Focus on that.

Until next time, continue living ordinary life…extraordinarily.


What are some ways that you remind yourself that no one is picture perfect?  What are some ways you recognize that comparison is the thief of joy?

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Picture Perfect - Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Ordinary People

Ordinary People | The Beginning of Extraordinary

We’re just ordinary people.
We don’t know which way to go.
Cause we’re ordinary people.
Maybe we should take it slow.
~ John Legend

While John Legend is singing a beautiful song about the ins and outs of relationships, these words pertain to everyday people living everyday life as well.

We just left Orange Beach, and the entire experience is completely bittersweet for me. I could not even sleep last night thinking of the laundry list of items I have to complete today.

1. Send Sandra P. her paycheck from camp (due 2 weeks ago)

2. Setup and call all the children’s parents from Camp on our new call system to remind them of the cook off extension program (due last Sunday)

3. E-mail BCHS my official resignation letter (due in May)

4. Send letter to BCHS to verify my teaching experience

5. Call BCHS to switch over benefits for Brett (my husband)

6. Stop by the bank for a new debit card

7. Call NORD to setup a follow-up, closing interview

8. Call accounting about NORD final paycheck

9. Get reimbursed for final camp expenditures

The list of course continues with the things I want to do around the house – stuff that normal moms do like a load or two of laundry every day so that it does not get overwhelming, washing the counters daily, sweeping the floor daily, etc. I am currently addressing my weekly chores where I am trying to implement vacuuming, washing tubs and toilets, and mopping.

I must also take time out with the husband and kids. I have been trying to make our home feel complete with all of the pictures I love taking and Pinterest projects begun and only half finished. Luckily, for once in my life, dinner for tonight is already ready.

I chose the name “ordinarily extraordinary” for my blog on accident. I actually wanted “extraordinarily ordinary,” and it was taken. I figured the words meant the same thing, but they really do not – not at all. However, the word choice is perfect on so many levels. Everyone shoulders volumes of worries with warm smiles.  We all attack our laundry lists and endless “to-do’s.”  We are regular people just trying to make it through this chaos we call life.

I thought that I would have things all figured out by now.  I would have no worries about time  or money.  I would balance all areas in my life from family to work and everything in-between.  Truth is – I don’t.  Who  knew?

I started this blog because I know I am not alone.  I am not the only one whose life is not as “figured out” as she thought it would be.  Everyone has a unique story to tell, and the stories are what make us special.

So perhaps, we should take the advice of good, old John Legend and “take it slow.”  Savor every moment.  Feel the depth of every experience.

That being said, welcome to my page and kudos all the ordinary people who recognize that every occasion, each unusual circumstance makes us who we are – naturally…ordinarily…extraordinary.


What makes you ordinarily extraordinary?

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Ordinary People | Journey to Extraordinary

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