22 Photo Ideas for Families at Home

A good photo last a lifetime. As such, I spend lots of time scouring Pinterest and Instagram for amazing photo opportunities. Being stuck at home for the moment limits the photos taken at parts, on vacations, at beaches, poolside, etc. Yet, life is still taking place. Since my current purpose is tied to documenting moments… Continue Reading →

30 Cheap At-Home Summer Activities

Summer is in full swing! Some of you have already had the kids at home for MONTHS. You wonder how you will make the heart of summer different, without wearing yourself thin. You are out of ideas, out of money, and out of patience. After researching some amazing bloggers and Instagrammers, here is a list… Continue Reading →

Corona Kid’s Activities Week 2

Kindergarten Week 1: March 23-27 March 23 Rhyming Words Flip Book Letter Z Book Animal Antonym Puzzle Making 10 Hot Chocolate Cards (requires a FREE TPT account) Count 1 – 30 AND Write numbers 1 – 30 March 24 ELA Rhyming Fun Freebie “Was” Sight Word Worksheet Opposite Words Printable Write a sentence using give,… Continue Reading →

How to Make Changes that Stick

Making changes happens in layers… Healing happens in layers.  I did not even recognize how much healing I needed.  I thought I was fine.  I thought I had adjusted.  I thought that the time allotted to me for being sick and tired of being sick and tired had expired.  People were done caring.  I thought… Continue Reading →

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