How to Be Present When Life is Busy

I hardly ever get it right. I hardly ever find the perfect balance of work-life, mom-life, wife-life, family-life, friend-life and blog life.  Someone always gets the short end of the stick.  That someone usually lives in my house.  He is 6.  He is 7.  She is 4.  He is 36. I invest far too much… Continue Reading →

You represent more than yourself

While in college, I spent a summer interning at a uniform company. After graduating, I continued working with the same company in the management trainee program. While  working through the program, the company hired another intern – a black male. A mostly black production crew high-fived each other and patted me on the back. They… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Stylish Minimalist Wardrobe

I never knew I would love having a minimalist wardrobe.  I thought wearing the same items over and over would stifle my creativity.  In addition, all the minimalist wardrobes I saw lacked color and patterns. For those of you just beginning to create your minimalist wardrobes, most people start by crafting a capsule wardrobe.  I… Continue Reading →

Doing Away with Self-Doubt

Life is always toughest for me in October and March.  In October, reality is setting in for both students and teachers at school.  The honeymoon has worn off.  The summer has worn off, and, in October, there is tons of school year left. In March, quite the opposite happens.  Teachers and students can see the… Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

I started using a planner.  A friend from my blogging community offered me a complimentary planner to post about it on my Instagram page, and I accepted because I could really stand to be more organized.* Formerly, my telephone notes housed my to-do list.  I took some time and dumped the notes into color coded… Continue Reading →

A Working Mom’s Guide to Un-Busy

I arrived at work completely unprepared. I know right! Shocker! Anyhow, as I ran through my morning list of to-dos starting with coffee, my brain went into overdrive. “Put the desks in rows. Find out where you are proctoring for state testing. Print out bell ringers for Algebra 1. Finish game for Algebra 2. Figure… Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Life

I laughed last week. Laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.  I am just about as removed from politics as you can get. My last three posts have surprised even me. I am not, however, removed from a good laugh. And, if nothing else, Melania Trump has provided a great laugh. (I am sure her husband… Continue Reading →

Addressing Racial Injustice as Black Moms

Previously, a group of women gathered to speak on the experiences and stereotypes of black moms and answered the following questions: What stereotypes do you face? Do you get the same respect as other young moms? How are you breaking generational curses and dismantling stereotypes? Is it hard to learn and act out being a… Continue Reading →

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