Free Christmas Kids’ Activity – Read a Christmas Book

We are in the middle of the Christmas season. As we search out the perfect gift for each of our loved ones, we try to ensure that we stay within our budgets. We also know that the season is more than gifts under the tree. We are celebrating the birth of the Son of the Most High God. That celebration should happen with or without a large amount of money. One way to celebrate without breaking the bank is reading a Christmas book.

Almost all kids enjoy a good Christmas story. Sit down with them. Let them pick out the book, and watch the magic of Christmas come alive across the pages.

Free Christmas Activities - Read a Christmas Book | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #freechristmasactivities #kidsactivities #kidschristmasactivities #christmasbook #freeChristmasprintable #kidsbooks #kidsreading

My kids enjoy any book with snow, any books with pop up or open up pages, and any books featuring their favorite characters. In addition, I print out many FREE advent stories and include them in our Christmas to reading adventures;

Free Nativity Story

Free 25 Bible Verses to Countdown to Christmas Day

Free Christmas Bible Advent Tree

As a side note, I have begun working with Literati Kids book subscription service. You can pay $9.95 per month and have a set of 5 books customized to your children’s age group delivered to your doorstep. You keep the books you want at discounted prices and send back the ones you do not with pre-paid shipping in the box they came in. Here is my Literati book subscription link which gives you a discount on your first order.

With or without a book club subscription, reading is the way to go this holiday season. We have found books at the library, at thrift stores, at the end of the holiday season, etc.

Free Christmas Activities - Read a Christmas Book | ordinarilyextraordinarymom #freechristmasactivities #kidsactivities #kidschristmasactivities #christmasbook #freeChristmasprintable #kidsbooks #kidsreading

What are some must reads for you during the holiday season?

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